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Which skills are most important in GMAT grammar? Inventory of 5 sprint SC score must see the trick


liuxuexiaozhan· 2017-10-23 09:35:39

test solution requires skill, good skills can help students improve the efficiency and accuracy of answer, and learning skills and proficiency, you need through a lot of practice to be mastered gradually, GMAT exam grammar questions, the difficulty is still relatively high in the Chinese part of the whole GMAT's exam, how to do grammar questions, here is to introduce some problem-solving skills.

GMAT Grammar: problem-solving skills comparison options for answers

GMAT grammar require candidates to choose the best answer, the best answer may be correct several options to choose the best, may also be selected relatively well in several options are not perfect in. Therefore, candidates must solve relatively large errors and relatively small error areas in solving problems. First, you should exclude the options with relatively large errors, and choose a relatively good answer in the options with relatively small errors.

GMAT grammar skills: to distinguish different types of errors

grammar questions the candidates need to have a clear concept: GMAT syntax options is absolute error, relative error is. Absolute error refers to the simple rigid error, such as the improper collocation of the subject and the predicate, while the relative error refers to the errors in some structural settings. To distinguish between the two, or to the back to do the title, see the back of this thought that 100% errors, directly ruled out, it is easy to go wrong.

GMAT grammar problem solving skills: review old problems, sum up the rules,

do GMAT grammar problems, each do a certain amount of questions, it is best to look back at the old problem. In order to find out who is effective, the author applies the rules gradually sorted out in the process of doing exercises, and gradually learns to judge the options by using these rules subconsciously, so as to improve the speed of solving problems.

GMAT grammar skills: understand thoroughly the official guide to thoroughly understand

GMAT Official Guide (OG) in the grammar is candidates must do. Seeing a structure, knowing that the structure was said somewhere in the previous OG, recalls what that topic is. OG should read it 3-5 times, because OG is the only standard for testing grammar. To do more correct topics, does not mean that these topics are understood, many times just because luck is right. So it is very important to the understanding of OG.

GMAT grammar problem-solving skills: familiar with the test will help solving

candidates can not blindly use the title sea tactics in the pro forma, we should first understand several major points: grammar GMAT exam subject verb agreement and predicate tenses, anaphora, parallel comparison, collocation, modification and logical expression problems. After familiar with these test sites, further detailed in-depth each class of the details of the test site, and can be a good combination of each point, so that the correct rate of problem-solving easier to improve.

on the GMAT grammar problem-solving skills and share with you, I hope you candidates in the usual pro forma practice process to master these skills, prepare for the exam.

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