The developer warned iPhone X full screen adaptation of the first cautious buy

IPhone bangs apples avant garde

qudongzhijia· 2017-10-24 00:38:14

this Friday (27) iPhone X is officially a pre day, from the conference in the past one and a half years, apple is ready in many aspects, mainly production capacity, as well as the market publicity and critical system software.

"software of the system is mainly based on iOS11 iPhone X system optimization and a series of APP, as published in iPhone X, some of the early hands-on experience shows that the top of the" bang "will block the content on the APP, very people fast.

↑ ↑ ↑ iPhone display X machine video conference experience

from the visual point of view, only in the pure black background in order to maximize the weakening of the "bang", is the effect of integration, or even do a similar iOS11 home side as adaptation, there is still some ugly.

NPU reported, senior iOS developer Zacwest Reddit issued a document that Apple's Safe Area API is still very fresh, for developers to advance support, and many scenes missing.

therefore, he predicted that early iPhone X users in most APP will encounter bangs problem, mainly deliberately exposing the forehead and so on.

no way, this is probably iPhone X as a pioneer works must sacrifice, however, apple for 3 years, some time (embarrassed) … …

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