Zheng Kaiyi and his girlfriend's white Formica has taken off

Zheng Kai ZA

wangyiyule· 2017-10-24 01:20:56

entertainment Zheng Kaihe Bai Fumei NetEase reported on October 22nd longtime girlfriend Cheng Xiaoyue, previously in love show a big show of affection, often in micro-blog and dog food.

but yesterday, the net friend suddenly found that Cheng Xiaoyue attention of people who did not have Zheng Kai, that is to say, Cheng Xiaoyue take off Zheng Kai?!

, and Zheng Kai's birthday, the woman did not have any indication, many netizens speculated that they broke up.

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Zheng Kaiyi and his girlfriend's white Formica has taken off

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