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Jie Deng Guoli Zhang Zhang Mo a dream of Red Mansions

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"a pair of Danfeng triangular eyes, two curved willow shoot brow lift, slim stature, physical coquettish, not noodles with spring Wei Lu, red lips did not start laughing to smell. "

" - "dream of the Red Chamber"

often read this sentence, in front of the eyes can always emerge Wang Xifeng not angry, self threatening eyes.

which only belongs to her eyes forever "fenglazi" Jie Deng.

87 version of "dream of the Red Chamber" did not know how many classic images of the screen, Wang Xifeng must be counted.

today, 30 years later, the young, smart rongguofu big headed, faded into the magnificence, sixty years of age.

" in Jie Deng's 60 birthday, Guoli Zhang deeply read a poem, his wife Jie Deng stand together through storm and stress.

, do not look at two people a lot of age, affectionate show is not ambiguous, it is enviable.

's best love comes with the old, which is used to describe Jie Deng and Guoli Zhang.

1988 Jie Deng and Guoli Zhang because of the TV series "stagnant water".

has experienced a failed marriage of two people, in slowly contact mutually favorable, began to love each other.

" at the time, Jie Deng due to "Wang Xifeng" in a corner of the domestic famous, while Guoli Zhang was an unknown young actor.

but Jie Deng had no complaints and was willing to share the joys and sorrows with his beloved.

, she followed Guoli Zhang to the north, they had no way, no backers, everything started from scratch.

can say, 1988 to 1991 is their most difficult two years, but the couple did not give up faith, so struggled for a few years, and finally broke through a bit of tricks.

1996 "prime minister Liu Luoguo" after the broadcast, "Qian Longdi" and "Guoli Zhang hit the screen, Mrs. Liu" Jie Deng also received back to fame.

1998 years later, Jie Deng and Guoli Zhang opened a shop, two people cooperation 4 breath "Kangxi incognito travel".

Guoli Zhang, director Jie Deng, producer, the broadcast is very enthusiastic response.

" in the third film, Jie Deng plays the role of Yifei to rescue Kangxi, shot to death.

but because the audience wanted to see the Jie Deng show too loud, so the fourth Jie Deng returned through another character, Lin feng. After

, Jie Deng gradually withdrew from the public view, returned to the family, and became the woman behind Guoli Zhang.

in Jie Deng and Guoli Zhang nearly 30 years of marriage, two people did not have children, only for Guoli Zhang and his ex-wife's son Zhang Mo can enjoy the best love.

" while Deng Jieshi Zhang Mo as his own son, Zhang Mo did not appreciate, not always called Jie Deng a "mom".

the most sad thing is, Zhang Mo is very disappointing, fighting, drug abuse all kinds of scandals emerge in endlessly, Guoli Zhang mention this son sigh.

" as a woman, for the family can accept children without regret, and was certainly more than the ordinary mind.

it's no wonder that Guoli Zhang was eaten by Jie Deng, and her sacrifice and tolerance Guoli Zhang kept in mind.

" Guoli Zhang teacher in the Valentine's day a 18 year old Jie Deng photos, with the word: when she was eighteen, and.

" will become second in front of Jie Deng with a small attendant, "his wife said" the kind of counseling.

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two people's sugar, although not much, but a hair makes people sweet and greasy.

, some people say, if not Guoli Zhang, Jie Deng must have a large number of representative works.

but for Jie Deng, a Wang Xifeng is enough.

" she didn't want to contend with the world, just want to keep their
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