Parenting ideas after 85 have changed, PlayStory want to do "the logic of thinking in the field of early childhood education"

The field of preschool education Story.

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" true the early products is to educate children and parents."

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1999  immigrants in Canada. Wang Yingyun and his wife have been engaged in preschool education work, at home and abroad accumulated rich private kindergarten head's experience. 2003  years after returning home, to the original European and American preschool education into China, opened the international kindergarten in an all English environment, philosophy is full respect for the child's nature, retain a child born with childlike innocence and curiosity and exploration desire.

"release preschool education philosophy of nature" has been limited to academic discussion, not warm really fall at the beginning of the parents, because there is no way as traditional public kindergarten teach that to a child can help parents virtuoso skills. Wang Yingyun introduction, can accept "teaching in English, to play the first" concept of the first group of parents is to study the background of, but has been the distance run first private kindergarten has passed nearly & nbsp; 10  years, 85  after, 90  after the parents grow up, parenting ideas have along with the time change, they more can accept western style education, give the child to provide free and relaxed environment for the growth.

but modern family education still exist pain points to be solved: especially in first tier cities, parents are too busy with work, the lack of parent-child interaction; preschool education in the field of outstanding volume, English environment of scarce. During the interview, Wang Yingyun mentioned on the market at present there are two preschool education products are more mature: Lego and tiger.

the LEGO had in shortly before the & nbsp; GMIC  conference issued a new suit of education, help children to learn computer knowledge. Lego is able to occupy a place in this field, Wang Yingyun think it is to seize the children's deep needs: curiosity, like to explore and try. While the tiger is provided for the quality of the age of the layer, there are currently in the world with   80  million subscribers, the three or four tier cities in the country more popular, but   DVD's presentation of a more traditional form. Play Story  as a preschool education content providers, want to through the combination of the two, in the family education scene teach children how to play.

game + education + English "philosophy based on and play story located in a country of parenting video platform, provide preschool education curriculum Pre-kid stage. Course by the PGC+ foreign content, focuses on the Enlightenment of science and art creators, the contents of PGC by professional research team developed, currently has 60 episodes. Each episode 2 minutes, all by their own team creation. Each episode cost at $9000. Wang Yingyun introduces, at present 28 people in the team are experience research. In terms of content, Story Play has been signed and music as the mother and infant channel cooperation, this year's goal is 100 sets.

Play Story  and with the on-line course manual material & nbsp; play box, currently only includes & nbsp; 3  experimental experience, product test after each & nbsp; play Box  customer price in & nbsp; 200  yuan or so. Wang Yingyun said, because the team in the industry has enough to accumulate and do business with natural resources, play box materials are than relatively simple, but can combined with video course, future will be with video rich expanded the content packaging materials, play Story+Play Box  is like is a "online version of the Qiao tiger".

profit model, Wang Yingyun said play Story  more like is "parent-child industry of logic thinking and the content consumer desire. In this year & nbsp; 3  month of a Congress, 36  krypton once wrote Zhenyu for realization of view, in simple terms is to knowledge for entrance. For example, Wang should be shipped to & nbsp; play Story  through the introduction of the microscopic world of wonders for children of the microscope to generate interest, through the vast stars of beauty that makes them want to astronomical telescope, and in the field of early childhood education do marketing content has in Europe and the United States has been widely confirmed.

at the same time, play Story  also will be through existing channels to enter kindergarten, to & nbsp; B2B2C  way won the customer, the customized curriculum package as a second channel is realized.

data, play Story  from this year & nbsp; 3  month since the line is more than & nbsp; 7000  cumulative user, on live & nbsp; is 10%, the natural growth of the daily volume of about & nbsp; 200 people, 500  million Angel round by his team completed, is currently seeking & nbsp; 800  Yuan & nbsp; Pre-A  round of financing.

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