Hubei suspension bridge is more exciting than the glass cliff you dare to go

Scenery Hubei mountain area

chutiankuaibao· 2017-10-24 07:22:28

original title: Xiangyang, a new suspension bridge, more exciting than the glass plank road, ask you dare to go! There's always some scenery that you need to stand on high to experience, and although it feels like adventure, it's beautiful and exciting. Remember when we reported, located in Xiangyang Baokang five Gorge Scenic Area of the glass bridge? Walk on is a startling step by step, and always make people forget. Is there a small children who have no time to experience? It doesn't matter. Look at the good news below, and you'll look forward to it! (from: metropolis express)

10" on Sept. 22, nine Lu, Baokang County Zhai scenic area and river pedestrian suspension bridge is built and put into use. (from Chutian express)

it is reported that the bridge is a single span suspension bridge of Twin Towers, with a total investment of 16 million yuan. It is 220 meters long and 2 meters wide. The vertical distance between the bridge and the river is 230 meters. The bridge has been built for 3 years. It is a control project and a convenient project for the nine village ecological tourism scenic spot. It is an important traffic node. Don't say much, first look at the overall value of it! (from: Chutian express)

far away, just like a thin red line, is it very magnificent? (from: Chutian express)

foot is the abyss, so extreme sensory experience, you dare to come? (from: metropolis express)

imagine in the mountains around under your walking walking in the air in the valley between the suspension bridge suspension bridge at the foot walking slightly is flocks of birds there is vast mountains (from metropolis express)

standing in the middle of the bridge and feel the mountain an invigorating autumn climate go all the way, look back at you will not fear (from metropolis express) suspension bridge

beauty has always been fascinating Baokang there are now more a stunning and fear and is full of beauty Is a beautiful scene before the mountains at the foot of screaming gorge in Xiangyang friends you really have the courage to stay away trip (from metropolis express)

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Hubei suspension bridge is more exciting than the glass cliff you dare to go

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