Students Tucao parents roar baby crying parents: essay Shuabing

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children write for parents "roar of children" about

"my mother's mood like the weather like there are good and bad, for example, my voice light, mom will ring in the next ring,". A little louder! " If I'm not correct, her voice would sound from light to, eventually, the roof will be overturned a stamp with rage. But after a while, she became soft hearted and began to explain the subject to me slowly. "When the second grade pupils in Xuhui District Huang Xun

" the first grade, I do my homework in the room, grandma can play iPad; when the second grade grandma can't stand my mom's voice went to another room; now the third grade, another room door closed, occasionally too loud Grandpa, said: XX, you light a little good, my heart is not good. My mother had a sore throat these days, and I lost my voice when she yelled at me. In this way, she used bass to tell me how to study well. I felt a little guilty, but I just wanted to give myself more time to play; … … I loved her very much when I didn't do my homework. "Guangling Road Primary School Wang Beiyi

" for whether the mother accompany me to write my homework, I have been in a very tangled state. On the one hand, when I met a difficult problem, my mother was next to me, and I felt calm. On the other hand, the mother does not regularly roar, I feel tremble with fear! When mom started closing the window and my full name was called, it turned out that my problem was serious again; … … look! This scene is on again! "-- Yang Kaichen's little friend

who lives in Putuo District's father read with active thinking, from reading to math, English from ancient Chinese, what they want to say … … mother read with quiet, she is a typical bow, holding a mobile phone to put it down, let me feel the heart itch, really want to to see their circle of friends and classmates can be fun, but I have no freedom, you say is not fair? In fact, I want to tell my parents that I can arrange the time for myself, first learn and play, and then read some interesting extracurricular books. Time is my own, I will cherish. Do you think so, my fellow students? "-- the fourth grade primary school students in Hongkou District Siru Cen day before

, a" baby "article accompanying roar in the WeChat circle of friends scraper, Internet postings are mostly parents Tucao, but the children in what they think? Subsequently, a publishing house whim, to a lot of pupils gathered on the "roar baby" feeling, the children's "true words", so many parents bluntly "too warm, smiled and cried."".

children have become a "hand piece"

East China Normal University Press supplementary Branch Sales Department Director Xu Ping told reporters, this time WeChat circle of friends has been all kinds of ridicule "roar baby parents Peidu" card scraper, "post most parents in the children we Tucao, want to give the child a the expression of the opportunity to listen to the voices of children".

and her parents in the parent group to solicit opinions, did not expect to get a lot of agree, "many mother said, children in primary school has very independent thoughts, light by the roar can not solve the problem, it is better to hear their views.

so, in the "East China Normal University Agency - Shanghai primary school parents group" parents have good advice and participation, the agency planned a period of "parents accompany me to write my homework" essay, let the children talk about their feelings. According to the

group in the preliminary questionnaire, expressed the intention to participate in writing the parents reached 80, most of them are children independently written essay, part of the younger children is their parents, oral writing, first received 30 pieces.

and the children saw this essay competition, write their own article telling parents by email to QQ, according to the requirements of leaving the mother's phone number, the other did not know about it to confirm when parents call the editor.

kids are more enthusiastic than they think. Many of the children started to have some concerns, "said the child, I can not say the truth, mother's attitude is good, the next will certainly be retroactive, and the children said, I have to write in the end good adults, or they see in front of me Tucao, will shout louder. "Xu Ping said.

, but once it was written, the kids were all "scripts"".

"when I was in grade one, my dad was tutoring my homework (because he said he was smarter than my mother), and my mother was responsible for cooking dinner. The results of my father and I will have had two days, two days, and then I put my dad to the fire, let him continue to be his chef. "My family has a tiger, that's my mother, because the first thing I said to her when I came home from school was to do my homework quickly. "There is a copy my Lai refused to do so, the angry mother won't let me sleep in the dead of night, also let me write, I feel like a ship is met (fire) of the dinosaurs, her forehead burned up in flames, good terror ah! "

, however, outside the Tucao, the children also truly feel the love and warmth of their parents.

"I think the company of my parents is indispensable to life. Mom and dad paid all my efforts for me, I will never forget their upbringing. "

" went to school for a year, just beginning, sour sugar (parents)

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