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It is not an easy thing for

automobile manufacturing to achieve sustained high quality development, even the most powerful old automobile industry countries, Germany and Japan, are involved in the "false gate", and have come down from the altar. Although the myth is shattered, it still can not shake the Jianghu status of the German and Japanese car companies. It is still in the first-class level in terms of technology, quality, management and brand of the traditional fuel vehicles. In recent years, TOYOTA, Volkswagen and other international giant car prices in the global car sales champion paries, remarkable strength.

Chinese for 8 consecutive years to become the world's first new car sales, is worthy of the name of automobile power, but there is still a long distance from the car power, has yet to appear like a TOYOTA, Volkswagen this giant enterprises annual sales of tens of millions of vehicles in the international car. At present, the independent car companies are using the scale advantages of the domestic market and pick up order, and constantly improve the technology and quality, and speed up towards the electric and intelligent, Internet and other efforts to look to the future in the field of new energy vehicles can achieve corner overtaking.

" in Germany and Japan made the altar of

2015 in June, the Chinese Academy of Sciences China Modernization Research Center released "Chinese modernization report 2015", the report of world industrial modernization quantitative 131 countries from 1970 to 2010 evaluation report shows that in 2010, Chinese industrial level 100 over the years than in Germany, Britain, Japan more than 60 years behind.

however, if that happened in recent years to update the reference of German and Japanese manufacturing things, this conclusion may change, which, on the China industrial level gap may not be so far. Behind the German and Japanese industries, some of them are adulterated. In September

2015, the German Volkswagen broke out and shocked the industry's automobile exhaust fraud scandal. U.S. regulators have identified some of the cars sold by Volkswagen as "emission fraud", and Volkswagen has installed a "fail safe" in some models of diesel vehicles to deal with exhaust emissions. The public was admitted with suspected "failure protector" diesel cars to 11 million cars, the Volkswagen Group, CEO Martin Winterkorn to apologize to consumers and quickly resigned. But it's not the aftermath of the myth of German fabrication. Volkswagen also paid a heavy price for its own counterfeiting, including a total of $18 billion in the United states. So far, the aftermath of the German mass counterfeiting scandal has not yet been completed.

is not only made in Germany, but also made in Japan in recent years. Recently, Japan's third largest steel production enterprises, hundred years old Kobe Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as "Kobelco") fraud storm intensified. Kobelco chairman and President Kawasaki Hiroshi on October 12th publicly for a public apology, admitted to falsifying strength, aluminum products size data. At present, the scandal is fermenting. According to the latest news, Kobelco 20, and admitted that the group's subsidiaries, the first factories have tampered with, concealed, fabricated quality inspection data. Kobelco day held an emergency press conference and issued a statement, admitted that the subsidiary of Kobe steel tube company "with a JIS, which is a seamless copper Japanese industrial standard" logo detection certificate data. Japan quality assurance organization has commenced investigations and pointed out that in 20 days, "Kobe steel tube company in September last year before the delivery of products" may not meet JIS products. Once confirmed, the relevant products may be canceled JIS certification.

as the investigation has confirmed that Kobelco has tampered with data problems up to more than 10 kinds of products, about 500 companies implicated. The automotive industry has TOYOTA, Subaru, Mazda, Honda, Nissan and other companies using Kobelco admitted strength data fraud metal materials. Japan's MITSUBISHI motor is currently under self-examination.

" is the most affected Toyota Auto Body Co, Lexus's brand from the entry of CT models until LS flagship model basically is determined using the Kobelco material, in addition, TOYOTA brand's Prius, crown and other models are also involved. The latest news

first financial reporter in October 23rd from TOYOTA Chinese exclusive is the Toyota Auto Body Co for God system released on October 8th on suspicion of tampering with the data of the aluminum plate of the vehicle may affect the investigation. It is confirmed that the object aluminum plate (including materials purchased by suppliers) is used in the part of the engine compartment hatch and back door of some vehicles. According to the TOYOTA

aluminum plate, according to Kobelco for the last 3 years the data saved to deviate from the value of the largest TOYOTA specifications as a benchmark, the strength and durability of aluminum was verified. It is confirmed that the safety and durability of the vehicle can meet the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and TOYOTA standards.

however, TOYOTA also pointed out that due to the problems involved in a variety of materials, so there is not known. Now, TOYOTA is stepping up to confirm the impact of copper, steel wire and other materials outside the aluminum plate on the vehicle, the whole company to force, continue to promote the investigation of the impact of safety.

China Nissan also said that the assessment confirmed that the use of Nissan production vehicles, including hood, doors, steel, special steel, and parts produced by Kobelco, these products are safe,

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