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LETV (15.330, 0, 0%) the weight of the supply chain overall recovery time is needed to

- Reporter Jia Li

recently LETV, or give up the TV business news and clamor. In the "double 11" is coming, the manufacturers are struggling to prepare for, and experienced a round of high-level concussion and strategic adjustment can keep up with the rhythm of the music, and even in this round of competition to regain market share?

10 23 April, said LETV insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter: "by re combing company executives and visiting, logistics and customer service are the TV gradually catch up with the upstream and downstream, also need convergence, full recovery time needed. "

is reported, the original music sales channel responsible person Zhang Zhiwei return, heavy music as the television supply chain, with a number of logistics providers, after-sales service providers to sign a cooperation agreement. And recently, as the music related responsible for just visited two, for the television as a production and OEM factory.

"see hope in three months", "

" Zhang Zhiwei return, in the music as TV suppliers and after-sales service providers, "go" again. "For the current situation as the television TV supply chain, LETV insiders told reporters:" most of the current TV industry chain has been combed completed. Everyone is preparing for the double 11, but the current quantity is limited. At present, part of the industry chain is still slowly smooth along the process. "

a month ago, LETV announced the appointment of personnel, announced that the former sales system of the first person in charge of Zhang Zhiwei's service system, the official return. According to the relevant notice of appointment, LETV Zhang Zhiwei was appointed as the new CEO and LETV senior vice president, responsible for the music video to the overall strategic planning and implementation, the implementation of new business objectives and team management, as the new overall profit and operating results is responsible to LETV CEO Liang Jun.

Zhang Zhiwei's return to the task is heavy. Liang Jun Zhang Zhiwei's wish is: "let the TV business in Zhiwei under the leadership of resume rapid growth, and strengthen the business oriented management, help new LETV become China leading home internet entertainment service platform. "

and in order to make the music TV as soon as possible to resume normal production and sales, Zhang Zhiwei led the music TV executives in a week after the return, will start on the logistics, customer service and business LETV TV production and continuous factory visit, trying to straighten out the supply chain LETV tv.

"Securities Daily" the reporter was informed that the recent LETV executives met with a number of super TV intensive logistics, warehousing, distribution, installation and other customer service service link partners, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. September 21st senior LETV to delivery service support; just in time, 21 September afternoon, LETV cooperation with Sheng Feng Logistics reached; in September 22nd, signed a contract with the customer service to provide services in the field of music is home.

, and last week, that is, in October 16th -10 20, as the music has just visited the two high-level television production and OEM as the television factory.

a close LETV insider said: "Zhang Zhiwei's task is very heavy, he should be at least three months to see monkey (Sun Hongbin) (LETV TV) hope. "

music TV" can revive?

in many home appliance manufacturers, electricity providers and IT giants are in the upcoming "double 11" preparations for the occasion, as music TV performance has attracted much attention from the outside world.

, however, the recent news that the re establishment of Xinle will or will abandon the music TV business.

this, recently, LETV insiders responded to the Securities Daily reporter said: "the company will not give up television business, television is still the new music as the core business. "

over the past period of time, after experiencing high-level shock, as the television performance is not ideal, sales have declined.

in this year's music as the 4.14 electricity supplier Festival, as the overall sales of TV as 386 thousand units, compared to last year's total sales of 414 TV over 549 thousand sets of poor results, sales fell sharply. And it's less than 4 years since the first launch of the TV product.

2012 September 19th, music as announced to enter the Internet TV industry, since then, its TV product sales continued to grow. And in 2016, music TV ushered in the most brilliant moment: three years cumulative sales of 10 million units. Since then, with the issue of funds and other highlights, as music TV sales began to decline.

LETV semi annual report shows that LETV achieved operating income of 5 billion 580 million yuan this year, net loss of 637 million yuan. Is the smart TV business in Xinle as entrusted with the task of performance is not satisfactory. This is after Sun Hongbin took office chairman, LETV handed out the first report card.

but it is undeniable that the TV business is still the largest source of income LETV, but also by Sun Hongbin placed an important task, positioning it as the core business of the new music. For Sun Hongbin, as soon as possible to restore the music TV "profit cow" ability, it is particularly important.

"at present, Xinle as the resumption of TV sales, the first step is to restore the smooth chain of the industry, to complete the link of each link. Previously, the outbreak of the music as the outbreak of the financial crisis on the brand hit too much, the recovery takes time, as the television industry chain has also been hit hard. At the same time, the cost of TV panel continued to rise and the fierce competition of the industry, let the music as the TV business losses, the difficulty losses increase. However, for Sun Hongbin, if we want to revitalize Xinle, we must revive first

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