Interest shop in the end injustice injustice?

Luo Min Alipay bull economy

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" recently the financial sector, we selected the most beautiful and the most distressed people, are likely to fall into a person, he is interested in shop founder Luo Min.

Luo Minnian is only 34 years old, creating a market value of $10 billion of Listed Companies in the United States, the first half profit of more than 900 million, can be described as scenery, no two. But with the process of listing FengFengGuangGuang, fun shop has been questioned: there are still students can borrow money, usury diversion and sesame credit risk control, excessive dependence on Alipay's campus loan under the ban...... After the listing, in the face of questioning, Luo Min voice to the media, but due to some incredible speech, instead of interesting shops into a larger vortex of public opinion.

sitting on the market value of billions of dollars at the same time, and bear such a big public opinion questioned, fun shops in the end injustice?

started in campus loans, cash in the loan

entrepreneurship early, the name of interest shops for interest staging, is one of the early campus loan platform. At that time, the bad credit rate of the campus credit card business of commercial banks was higher, and as a ban of the supervision department, the collective quit the campus market.

, but the financial needs of the campus still exist. After the rise of Internet Finance (hereinafter referred to as mutual funds), the campus loan market is booming, and the interest staging is one of the largest.

founder Luo Min founded in the interest installments before good music to buy electricity supplier is responsible for the management of campus channels, before the campus had been SNS for the campus market play very much at home, through the development of the campus agent, doing push means, and gradually formed a leading edge in the field of Campus loan. There were many articles and entrepreneurial chicken soup to evaluate the business model of interest staging in the rapid expansion of campus market. But

is always accompanied by controversy on campus loan business, a view that the students' consumption demand and financial needs should be met; another view is that students should focus on learning, students by borrowing for consumption, and ultimately rely on their parents to pay, so that students not only work, but also increased the family the burden. The fact of the

really confirms the latter worry, and even the extent of the problem is beyond imagination. The loan is more and more easy, campus loan market blowout, has a female students bare even prostitution, high interest lending causes students unable to repay the Dutch act, jumping violent collection of shocking news for repayment, mutual gold business platform campus loan business form social influence is relatively poor, also led to the supervision department pay attention to.

from the beginning of 2016 April, the CBRC, the Ministry of education and other regulatory authorities have issued a document management platform of the campus limit gold loan business, in June 28th this year, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other departments issued a final ban in campus loan business, and encourage the development of campus bank as regular financial products, financial services cover the shortage of college students make up the short board. Mutual funds platform operating campus lending business has since been banned completely.

of course, it is necessary to point out that the campus loan problems are not necessarily interested in staging, and no specific details that interest lending behavior leads to a bare stage platform lending, resulting in the destruction of the tragedy of high interest.

but even so, as a campus lending platform, interest staging can not escape the question whether the loan is appropriate for college students and whether the interest rate is too high.

face the policy supervision, interest staging transition faster. In July 2016, interest installments to upgrade the brand shop interest group , and plans to build a campus consumer taste staging, non campus consumer finance "stage, students' interest free student loan interest student, college students" interest fund growth "," fun platform part-time part-time, internship platform "interest" practice, employment the platform of "interest employment" and other seven products. In September 2016, interest shops announced the gradual withdrawal of campus credit, and gradually expand to white-collar, blue collar and other consumer groups.

interesting installments renamed interesting shops, in order to highlight the characteristics of the electricity supplier, and launched several other platforms, seems to have the meaning of building a comprehensive campus services. However, regardless of the electricity supplier or comprehensive campus service has not become the ultimate development direction of interest shops. In May,

2015 got the E round financing of ants' gold collar, which seemed to have a greater impact on the future trend of the interesting shops. Fun shop access to the Alipay, get traffic entrance, and sesame credit establishes the cooperation, auxiliary air control, thus gradually formed fun shop business framework to cash credit mainly, to catch up with the cash loan outlet, rapid turnaround, and achieve the performance of a substantial increase in the.

prospectus data show that interest stores in 2014, 2015, 2016 and the first half of 2017 revenue was 24 million 133 thousand yuan, 235 million yuan, 1 billion 432 million yuan and 1 billion 833 million yuan, the growth rate amazing. Profits, interest stores in 2014 losses of 40 million 775 thousand yuan, 233 million yuan loss in 2015, but in 2016 a profit of 577 million yuan, the first half of 2017 net profit of 974 million yuan, more than a lot of licensed Consumer Finance Companies.

cash lending to interest shops bring huge profits, but cash has been a controversial business. borrowers bulls lending risk, capital flows to the accumulation of pornography, with high interest rates to cover up bad debts and so on, are the focus of all the cash, credit supervision has also been concerned. However, most of the companies in the cash loan industry are making a fortune, and seldom actively promote them.

interesting store in

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