It was him who stabbed the biggest sexual assault case in Hollywood!

Entertainment circles New York the United States Hollywood reporter

zhelishimeiguo· 2017-10-24 18:01:05

Hollywood gangster class producer Harvey • Weinstein sex scandal in the United States caused the raise a Babel of criticism of anger,...

" and the biggest explosion stabbed sex case, get the most powerful Hollywood producer, is the survey report two the name "New York Times" female reporter and a male reporter NBC.

especially the NBC male reporter, he is not a simple...

", his name is Ronan Faro (Ronan Farrow), first look at his life resume:

1987 shock he was born in primary school, when studying the book of Kafka;

11 years old was admitted to the famous Bard College, became the youngest students ever since the school; undergraduate

15 graduated from University, and took a degree in philosophy and biology two;

16 entered Yale University law school, but also when the "Yale Journal" international affairs editor;

after graduating from Yale, he became a lawyer, in New York Lawyers Association;

21 to the US State Department, served as a special adviser to Hilary Young Global;

24 years to get the admission rate of 1/10000, known as the world's most difficult to apply for the Rhodes scholarship, entered the University of Oxford degree in international relations;

26 entered MSNBC, this TV channel become the youngest host...

media to describe him as "eye-catching golden boy", said he conquered from New York to Washington's various celebrity parties also said, "he will be our president &hellip in 30 years; &hellip

"but he said to Luo Nanlai. The confusion has always been: how to get rid of the shadow of the family, how to follow the heart to make their voices?

", his father Woody Alan is a lot of people love the art film director, the great God; but 20 years ago a Tengu blood around his surprised gossip, always let him get both praise and blame … img_box …

his mama Mia Farrow, a famous actor, played Woody Alan's 13 film. The two had been dating for 12 years, but had never been married or lived together.

Mia Faro, a total of 14 children, of which 4 is natural, 10 is adopted, are from 7 countries and speak 6 languages. Ronan Faro is Mia Faro and Woody Alan's only biological son, .

1992 in January day, Mia Faro accidentally discovered Woody Alan gave his daughter a Korean song a group of nude shoot. At the age of 57, Woody Alan was 35 years older than the 22 year old song yi.

, the two broke up and launched a war for custody of several children. The confrontation process is very cold, every day there are new details and reverse case plot, round and round.

in court, Mia Faro broke another amazing insider, Woody Alan has been sexually raped two people of the same daughter, when only 7 years old Dylan Faro. Woody Alan insisted that Mia Faro lied to Dylan in order to fight for custody of the child. (and later, this thing a few years later after the paper will talk about...)

and Woody Alan lost custody battle, several children all to raise Mia Faro. After

class=", id=, Woody Alan and Mia Faro's Korean daughters, Song Yi began to associate with each other. In 1997, the two married, and still live together today.

, since then, Ronan Faro and father Woody Alan broke completely!

, he once told an interviewer, "he's my father, but he married my sister.". It makes me both his son and his brother-in-law. What a moral loss it is. "

2012 father's day," he posted in Twitter: "happy father's day," or, in our family's words, happy husband's day. "

2014 "in February, Ronan's sister Dylan published a letter accusing Woody Alan of sexual assault was indeed at the age of 7 in their" New York Times ", and this thing until today still let her life in the shadows. After that, Woody Alan wrote again
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