Pan Shiyi has sold users: SLR so expensive, the buildings are sold?

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maocaijing· 2017-10-25 07:27:03

yesterday (23) evening announcement, China SOHO, and GAW capital's a company incorporated in Hongkong engaged in real estate investment and management company, the proposed sale of volley SOHO item company's total issued share capital of a framework agreement.

" initial cost contractor agreement volley SOHO project asset value of 5 billion 8 million yuan in August 31, 2017, according to the determined based on the major Target Corp and Affiliated Companies working capital net and volley SOHO item company outstanding domestic bank loans adjusted.

" according to the contract, GAW capital SOHO Chinese needs to pay 2 billion 953 million yuan in cash, and take the item company 1 billion 990 million yuan of bank loans, a total of 4 billion 944 million yuan, 5 billion 8 million yuan compared with the asset value stipulated in the agreement, there are 64 million yuan gap.

news, some users believe that this is Pan Shiyi to run away cash also have friends, think Pan Shiyi is the price speculation goes up. But cat sister think, things are not so simple; … …

frequent SOHO Pandanyi really bearish property market?

this is Pan Shiyi sold a SOHO, by the famous architect Zaha • designed by Hadid, is one of Shanghai foot futuristic building, "Ode to joy", "energy-saving" and other popular TV shows are in this location, and here is the Ctrip headquarters building.

2014 in September, SOHO China to 3 billion 50 million yuan, about 30 thousand yuan / square meter price will just opened SOHO volley of 100 thousand and 200 square meters sold to Ctrip; yesterday, with 4 billion 944 million yuan, about 39 thousand and 600 yuan / square meter price will be one of the 128 thousand square meters sold to the GAW capital. Today, only 121 thousand and 800 square meters in the volley SOHO belongs to SOHO china.

of course, this is not the first time the sale of Pan … …

2014 in February, Shanghai SOHO Jingan SOHO square and Helen square to sell Financial Street holdings to 5 billion 232 million yuan;

2016 in July, the Century Square in Shanghai to 3 billion 222 million yuan sold to China Life Insurance;

in June this year, Shanghai Hongkou SOHO SOHO China to 3 billion 570 million yuan to sell.

plus 2014 before the sale, at present, SOHO China through the sale of its project cash close to 40 billion yuan, of course, so crazy selling, each single is profitable.

so frequently sell company projects, Pan Shiyi really is not optimistic about the property market? The cat sister think this possibility is … &hellip

; according to public information, in 2015 a SOHO rental income was 70 million, 143 million yuan in 2016, the first half of 2017 the rental income is 90 million yuan. In this way, the annual return rate of SOHO is only 3.6%. At this rate, it will take more than ten years and twenty years to recover costs.

in addition, the increase in the vacancy rate of commercial real estate may also be one of the important reasons for Pan Shiyi to do this measure.

according to DTZ issued by the Shanghai office market report shows that the three quarter of Shanghai core business district vacancy rate was 11.6%, an increase of 6 percentage points. Not only that, Pan Shiyi has repeatedly said in public, heavy assets, serious waste of resources, the office vacancy rate is high, the SOHO China sale project, the fundamental purpose is to light assets mode, sharing mode for economic development.

in SOHO China interim meeting, on the sale of assets has questioned, SOHO Chinese chairman Pan Shiyi had said, "we say with Li Jiacheng, Wang Jianlin together to run, this is a misunderstanding," where we can go? It is right to say that we are turning from the asset model to the light asset model and to the platform sharing economic model. "

in Pan view, the rental rate of return is less than 3%, or to achieve value-added benefits of its assets, and the sale of assets to obtain cash, these funds are mainly used to repay the loan, reduce debt repayment, especially overseas loans to avoid exchange rate risk, another purpose is to expand the asset light transition, SOHO3Q.

is not ready to run away, nor to fry the high price of … …

long payback period, the vacancy rate rose, excluding the ideal project to get the cash flow to support the transition from asset to asset light, this is probably the main reason for selling pan project.

why Pandanyi will favor the sharing of office?

from the industry situation analysis, shared office will become a major form of future office.

based on the new economic format, the future employment forms and ways may be presented in various forms. On the Internet, especially the development trend of 4 mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, networking, artificial intelligence, block chain technology industry, the future employment will be personalized flexible employment, the current 8 hour worksystem work form will no longer exist, this decision will become the mainstream mode of flexible office, employees themselves arrange and control the workplace, time will become the main way of employment.
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