The 46 year old billionaire wealth marriage finally with the 23 year old secretary in hand

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guowainaxieshier· 2017-10-25 09:12:17

" in Malaysia, billionaire Haas Mirza (Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman) is an influential man, she is not only Sultan bestowed the highest state title of Datuk Seri, and is a cosmetics company CEO, in order to show off their luxurious lifestyle is famous at home and abroad. According to Malaysia media reports, her latest "feat" is a successful marriage, and a half of her age only a small guy talked about love.

9", Haas Mirza released a star MV, one of the most popular scene she was sitting in the bathtub, before full of cash and gold bullion, her hand was still covered with a variety of jewelry. At the time, video triggering fierce controversy, but with the marriage thing, wealth is pale into insignificance by comparison.

" in April this year, Haas Mirza and Fay Lutz divorced her third husband, after 3 years of marriage. Later, she accepted the media interview in July, said they wanted to start a new romance, and the following public mate: rich, young, handsome, honest, love shopping, help &hellip for career; &hellip

fact, Haas Mirza's family does not agree to divorce she just started a new romance, her daughter is still on the Ins post, warning those who seek money and fame, do not let them close to the mother.

" however, Haas Mirza did not listen to her daughter's advice, she expressed a desire for love, and welcome the men wrote to her on the internet. Results three months, Malaysia and even Britain, Finland and other places have male candidates, but unfortunately they did not impress Haas Mirza.

surprisingly, when everyone is not optimistic about Haas Mi Zha's marriage, lucky people appeared! He was Haas Mirza's 23 year old personal assistant, Amo Bea Kerbaj, who not only succeeded in capturing the hearts of the Female Tyrant, but also won the approval of her daughter.

" in an interview, said the new boyfriend, although he is not old, but the psychology is very mature, "I don't mind love, age is not a problem, with good margin. "

Amo Bea Kerbaj also said that he was not for the money exchange and Haas Mi Zha, he has got the consent and mother's blessing.

" as you can imagine, a news release, Malaysia netizen suddenly exploded. Some people say that if you have money, you can find true love; some people say that this relationship will not last long, but some netizens say that true love has nothing to do with money, everyone has the right to love. So, what do you think?

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