Why come to the human world of carp? Aren't you afraid of being eaten?

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this is a world parallel to the human world. The island of a group of highly intelligent animals is called "animal island" for the moment.

" early in the morning, the dew is thick, Brown Bunny began the first meal. It is hosted in a giant owl's head, so you can pick the towering pine dew, slightly fragrant, it is especially love. The sun is the fastest sunshine in winter. Ask, if summer comes, isn't it the hottest? Haha we Brown Bunny will not be so stupid, it will hide in the temple owls after shading, owl flash flash walk, it is the cradle of mobile.

" because people really many fine carp minister Suri, black prince never noticed how much. The day before finding his "rations" seems to be little to much less than before, only to find the carp fine ministers are fled! The puppet soldier blows the horn, the black cat Duke will be ready to go to sea, hunt down carp minister, the escaped secret food.

", "big mouth bird", "no mother under the knee", expecting her children to come out as soon as possible. This does not make a oolong, she mistakenly thought his new eggs in the false bonsai, such delicate branches where withstand a whole egg weight!

" Pelican home is facing the winter, while the winter holidays count Clark came here to explore distant relatives, though he had never seen before, even some doubt that distant relatives of how far.

is the ambassador of ladies Swan Island, every month they will carry the flower with Flower Lake along a circle, to the people showing their elegance and beauty.

kingfisher and zebra in the river because of the cold and frozen, arguing endlessly.

zebra: "it must be the ice on the river that makes cold air. It doesn't come in winter.". I saw it with my own eyes! "

," said kingfisher, "the north wind blew the winter, so it was too cold for the whole river to freeze. I flew all the way from the north! "

at this time, the soothing waterfowl flew around and had to be persuaded.

" Egret as art Ambassador review, they a line on the River Museum of art appreciation of three-dimensional art paintings, those are based on the physical blueprint for making imitation goods. The island people will not take their dead companions for specimens.

carp essence, in order to escape become the black Prince's rations, through the wall drilling non-stop swim ah swim. Listen to the ancestors of the tragic fate, saying that as long as the South tour, you can always swim out of this evil soil. Along the way, they saw the scenery different from the past, never seen the animals, with a lingering mood, but had to step on the road.

" in the human world there are many organisms, but with the island's animal are different, they do not understand the human language, intelligence level is not high. But this group of people who will build castles in the desert, must not be ordinary cicadas, they have migrated from the island, and finally can not find the way back, in the human world to take root in life.

" farmhouse inside have so gigantic stature of the gray wolf, you have guessed, it is also a member of the island animal, because I do not know what the reason to the human world, but also to get along with the people of peace, guarding their homes for them. Is seen scurrying around the hen will not covet a look.

love painting boy, because skipping out painting, and scolded by their parents, even in his sketch book out of the window. The boy was so sad that he tried to reach for it. And then something magical happened! The colored stork swam in the river with false success.

carp ministers traveled the vast expanse of the high seas and came to the human world. When they came to clear as a mirror surface, seen here in the summer, adults and children are here to cool summer, they will from time to time through the people's feet, rejoice their freedom. Author

Huang graduated from South China Normal University of Academy of Fine Arts, is a primary school art teacher. Usually like painting, and then will suddenly pop out of the mind of the screen, or some of the experience in life draw.

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