Warm heart! Passers by and police escorted the blind man across half of Nanjing

Nanjing Hangzhou Z

lishipin· 2017-10-25 17:54:09

Modern Express News (correspondent Dee reporter Liu Yao Xuan) in October 22nd, good Samaritan, subway traffic police and the help of the police, who first came to Nanjing for the blind, was safe from the NanJing Railway Station to escort to the destination island. It's a love relay from the ground to the ground and across the half of Nanjing.

" in the afternoon, a policeman helped a blind man, carrying a bag with sundry plastic barrels in the subway line NanJing Railway Station, a police auxiliary also carrying bags behind. The police found ginger Metro Police Officer, I hope he can help the blind to escort the riverbank. The original

, the blind man surnamed Zhang, Henan Xinyang. On the same day he take the bus from Zhejiang to Hangzhou to Nanjing, is ready to take the subway to work a Jiangxinzhou massage shop. Since his first visit to Nanjing, he couldn't see his eyes, and master Zhang lingered in the station. After passing the good passengers found, to find the traffic police help.

"from the NanJing Railway Station to the riverbank, subway is faster, rest assured to us. The police took Jiang Zhang and his bags, immediately and riverbank subway station area of West Road station police contact. Soon, Zhang master was sent to the Ande gate station to transfer line ten, waiting for relay West Road station police have been waiting on the platform.

received a master Zhang, the police took him to the relay station and then take the subway Jiangxinzhou, drove him to the destination. Master Zhang said happily: "I heard that Nanjing is beautiful, although I can not see it, I have already felt it.". Thank you for the police and well intentioned citizens in Nanjing.

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