Must rise! Alipay looks much cleaner: on-line version

A small program Alipay Z

qudongzhijia· 2017-10-26 14:54:01

10 26, Alipay built a new version of the App application in the major market (, the most obvious change is the optimization of the layout of the original function of the friend "page. After experiencing the overall feeling, the revised "friend" page is clear and clear, clean and tidy.

it is understood that the new version of "friends" page top fixed function entry, from left to right are "life number", "small program", "life circle"". Under the top of the region to maintain the message list model, including the "my customer service", "message center", "Payment Assistant", friends dialogue and other plates .

" the concern is that small program to get fixed entrance clear in the latest version of Alipay, all users can enter the small program "page through the entrance polymerization".

small program after Alipay user oriented open beta, the official said the use of a small program the user will see the entrance in the "friend" page, but the entrance is not fixed and not on the total amount of users. The combination of Alipay will be through the "polymerization page" flow, since the operation performance of the incentive program, the fixed entrance is likely to attract more developers into the small program.

addition, was originally located in the message list directory life account number, has unified folding to the top of the "life", the user can operate autonomously a live account number display in the message list. "Life circle" mainly displays "friend dynamics" and the circle that has been joined.

" it is understood that the "life" and "apps" Alipay is provided to the business facilities, the former through the information link service, which allows businesses to service shorter distances touch up users. As a combination of boxing, the entrance of the fixed is beneficial to train the user's mind and habits.

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