Witness again the most evil aspect of humanity: the US forces evade the international conventions and use the expanded bullets

Military US 92 pistol tank

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-10-26 14:59:01

10 25, the official website of the U.S. Army released several photos of the U.S. soldiers are testing M17 modular pistol system.

, according to U.S. soldiers said, testing everything is normal, the new M17 pistol performance is very good. But once on the gun outside the hustle and bustle of Glock's protest, P320 fire hazards, the sig Saur was soon recalled, the other more striking military news flooded out, the vast majority of fans are going to care about aircraft artillery tanks, who is also concerned about the gun?

" in the U.S. test M17 pistol in the photo, you can see the gun is also equipped with tactical lights hung. The M17 project is "the whole system package (total system package)", means that the project is not only a pistol, bullets, magazine, also includes a variety of accessories, such as holsters, magazine sets, silencers, tactical lights and optical sights. After all, the M17 sleeve has an interface for mounting the optical sight.

" this is the comparison test of the M9 pistol, soldiers of the general comment on the new pistol, who are all the same.

" is the real cause of large waves of this picture, the picture above focus on the use of two M17 bullets.

, a bullet that looks very much like an empty tip bullet. The empty tip projectile can rapidly expand after hitting the human body and increase the killing effect.

9 13 "in the U.S., I first test M17 pistol equipped with the declaration of Hague disabled bullet" in one article, once the error that the bomb in violation of the 1899 third Hague declaration. The title of the declaration was "Declaration on the prohibition of the use of projectiles that are easy to expand or deform in the human body, such as bullets that are rigid and not fully encased in bullet cores or shells with cracks on the shell". American firearms expert Nathaniel F through communication with the relevant departments of the U.S. military, learned that this bullet called XM1153 ammunition Purpose (Special special ammunition), see the number to know that it is in the experimental stage.

" to analyze the shape, the play is very similar to the Winchester company produced the "Rangers (Ranger)" brand "series of T (T-Series) +P 124 (a warhead weighs 8.035 grams). Through contact with the Winchester company, confirmed by XM1153 Special Ammunition does belong to the "T series", but according to the relevant requirements of u.s..

Nathaniel F" which makes the thought of a black claw Winchester company earlier launched "(Black Talon)" the bullet, the bullet in ensuring the lethality, improved "T series" penetration, used against wearing bulletproof the goal of clothing. XM1153 special ammunition is probably like black claw bullet, to improve penetration, after all, now the battlefield wearing body armor more and more targets.

" from the point of view, the "black claw" is very similar to XM1153, but not a violation of the Hague declaration of third, because the lead projectile is a copper is the entire package, and are not exposed, but copper is a surface without scratch.

" but "black claw" bullet through design means in particular, to a similar jhp hit after expansion effect. That is to say, the XM1135 bullet still achieves the expansion and kill effect of the empty tip bomb under the condition of "hard armor completely wrapped bullet core" and "no armor scored" in accordance with the Hague third declaration. So this bullet, even on the battlefield, does not violate the international declaration, which is the power of technology, and this is the most evil side of human nature. Another bullet named XM1152 in

" is the company's product photos, winchester. From the exterior, is the ordinary flat by piercing bullets.

XM1152" is probably the "Winchester super unleaded" 147 grains (warhead weighs 9.525 grams) improved. According to Nathaniel F analysis, possible warhead weight to 115 ~ 130 grains (7.452 to 8.424 grams), in order to improve the speed, increase penetration. The reason why we have to equip XM1152 in the case of XM1153 is because the XM1153 price is more expensive, the United States Army can not use XM1153 all the time, the cheap XM1152 is definitely the best substitute.

" this is comparing "super unleaded" 147 grain bullets and 9mm Pailabeilumu bullets. Flat by piercing bullets in Europe
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