Feeling mobile phones are getting more expensive? Finally someone told the truth

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sanyishenghuo· 2017-10-26 15:59:46

doesn't know if you have this feeling - the more expensive the smartphone is in the last two years? For example, the 1999 flagship that you just got used to a few years ago is now hard to see - instead of a large number of mid end configurations that can sell more than 3000.

" at the same time, the real top flagship price seems to have gone up: 6988 yuan, 8388 yuan Samsung Note8, apple iPhone X, $8999 Porsche Mate 10 version of the design (note that this is not the design of Porsche Porsche, two companies), and this the two day was crazy Tucao 9999 Lenovo MOTO Z2018 (corresponding to overseas Z2 Force) … … recall was generally over 5000 flagship price, is now the mobile phone at home are so rich?

"mobile phone is definitely the general price" -- this is the majority of people in mind, but the past is just speculation, we never complain, Tucao, manufacturers come to admit it, nobody can say clearly the price rose? Why go up? But with

, GfK issued a report on the "mobile phone price" market report today, is the mobile phone industry's "little secret" completely exposed to shake ~

GfK is where sacred? Gesellschaft fü R Konsumforschung, that is, the consumer research firm, now known as the "Market Research Group", is a professional market research agency that dates back to 1934. They focus on durable consumer goods, the world's most authoritative market data statistics and research firm - well, in a nutshell, their data is reliable, and the conclusions are credible.

so, the reliable of the survey of enterprises in order to let everyone can understand the world mobile phone price of the truth, do a simple form to show the different parts of the world (Units sold) mobile phone sales and sales (Sales value) comparison.

" it is not difficult to see, Chinese in the mobile phone market from the third quarter of 2016 to the third quarter of 2017, the overall mobile phone sales rose 5%, while the mobile phone manufacturers sales rose by 20%… … conversion of it, that is to say we bought the mobile phone, the average price rose by 14.2.

what is this concept? That is to say last fall, a price of 2000 yuan for the mobile phone, this fall the same positioning products (perhaps its successor machine) to sell to 2280 yuan … … and the actual situation is not feeling quite close? Of course, because it is the average value of these statistics will include some we may not be familiar with the 456 line of the city or rural market, price fluctuations in the mobile phone there may not be so big, but if you look at the big city, especially a second tier manufacturers new price, I think we all agree that price increases so far more than 14% … &hellip

; in addition, the concern is GfK although the final results are in accordance with the global mobile phone market, the average price rose, but the market is still large in different regions are not the same.

" for example, although the Western European market prices, but the mobile phone sales have declined significantly (so do not buy expensive.).

and North America, Latin America, Asia developed area (Developed Asia), Middle East Africa mobile phone price fluctuations (almost no price? Nonexistent. The main area of

concentrated in Eastern Europe, the Asian emerging markets and developing countries is also China, economic conditions are good, but also showing a side of the price, while sales continued to rise (although expensive but still want to buy buy buy … …

" that is to say, because the price itself is still strong and consumer buying enthusiasm has a certain relationship (if the price does not affect sales, I am firm I dare to rise, but in fact the ah ~) of course not only this, otherwise does not become a "silly money that what? (I don't know what Keke,

" so, what are the causes of mobile phone prices generally? Today to give everyone Secrecy -- tomorrow, we will be on this topic, we analysis a. If you're interested, pay attention to it!

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Feeling mobile phones are getting more expensive? Finally someone told the truth

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Feeling mobile phones are getting more expensive? Finally someone told the truth

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Feeling mobile phones are getting more expensive? Finally someone told the truth

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