A caterwaul sex products, Netease want to take it to you?

NetEase frigidity copy Alipay

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said: "the food color, that is,..."

-- "- Mencius... That"

NetEase as Chinese Internet industry most muffled Fortune company, is Chinese in addition to Moutai, only two of the annual rate of return of capital of more than 20% listed companies. And the product of this stuffy, big fortune company often appears in the form of a kind of frigidity, even raising pigs are no exception.

" in October 23rd, the sacred 1024 day before, NetEase has announced an adult erotic field -- a "shame" crossover, and give the brand a sense of contrast full name -- spring (TryFun).

"map from the official website

: spring is covered in taste, strict selection, Central Sea purchase," koala Hotel 11nov07 "scenes of life under the condition of the wave in the NetEase fun supplies market suddenly make things, will set off the storm?

"and" Huang Yi "people worry about your good life"

energy-saving but in no place to start a

according to statistics, 70% of the world's interest in Chinese production activities, but these products taste the bones are designed according to the western open, bold and assertive values, which leads to its aesthetic and most of the Oriental misfits, mostly in the low-end development stagnation.

in the background of consumption upgrade, but fun supplies because of China's traditional culture, has been in a difficult state, which also led people to the top of the dark night camouflage secretly went to open the dim light of the "adult" in the store to buy; online, erotic propaganda figure is "unusually explicit", and walking with all sorts of hints to Bo eye, to attract the usual pent up demand.

however, as the normal physiological needs of human beings, the form of purchase and publicity is obviously morbid and low-level.

"figure from the network, in addition to

after splicing, more open in the matter on the 80, 90, it is in life" just ", and even become more of a laugh, joke social networking tools.

"ridicule expression package on the Internet has been widely used in

therefore, braised chicken in cooperation with Alipay" frigid wind "of the Shaxian County small stores, eat in Beijing flagship store...... in all walks of life to talk about the consumption upgrade, the user experience when the situation is obviously backward and supplies the just passable.

"why NetEase taste?

first of all, the market potential of appeal makes people have enough imagination. As a one hundred billion market, coupled with the above mentioned 80, 90 consumer groups for these products have high acceptance and increasingly highlighted the quality of life for the needs of the market in the wild on the eve of the outbreak, the future can be expected.

" secondly, in addition to Durex this erotic sector copy spree is not fun supplies industry to form a unified Asian cultural circle. While landing in the erotic landing point, NetEase try "frigidity spring wind" of the definition of sex toys is a fun activities for constructing discourse system to.

"Durex Sichuan chili rub Terrier, figure from Durex administrative micro-blog

on its website, from the introduction of these supplies to copy pictures all reveals a deep sense of" cold wind ", implicitly to say that it is not fun activities many people will face a senseless force, because they look like the above" sexy whore "is completely different...

", id=, in addition, the supply chain is the advantage of NetEase's strict selection, so that it has class= capital in the market competition. Many choose goods on the

"comes from the big NetEase strict supplier, shot from: NetEase strictly selected

compared to other OEM supplies, NetEase spring breeze through vertical integration and supply chain, can not only reduce intermediate links, to ensure the quality and the price, but also to achieve brand customization, designed for the needs of different users.

"on the condom is customized to reflect, map from the official website

GEEK Jun said: Spring:

in each need for a better life growing today, this is still stagnant sex toys industry really need some new elements to enhance the entire the industry's brand image and social acceptability.

for the uncertain pattern, great potential of interest products

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