Good news, 075 amphibious assault ship will come out!

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in recent years, China navy to dark blue pace more and more quickly, more and more robust, the aircraft carrier warship as under the dumplings "metaphor can be seen everywhere, and in the 002 aircraft carriers, another type of amphibious assault ship has continued a high degree of topic, this type of sea monster is type 075 amphibious assault ship.

" on the type 075 amphibious assault ship despite the early start of the news is not clear, but the model is very early in the network spread. In recent days, military sources said the type 075 amphibious assault ship is being built by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, owned by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Limited is responsible for the work. 21, Singapore, "Straits Times" has reported that the type 075 amphibious assault ship is expected later this year appeared, probably in early 2018 will be launched to Chinese Navy in 2020. In addition, the Singapore media said that the Chinese military is expected to use the amphibious assault ship type 075 to patrol the sea area, in order to protect the integrity of the country's territorial waters.

allegedly, 075 amphibious assault ship displacement of nearly 40 thousand tons, can carry more than 30 kinds of helicopters. And it is this 40 thousand tons of displacement, the earlier caused the greatest controversy, because there are claims that the type 075 amphibious assault ship displacement is only 36 thousand tons, 40 thousand tons and did not reach the degree, but more large displacement is, or to wait until the ship officially open to be determined. However, the captain of the ship 250 meters, 30 meters wide, in this dimension, the estimated amount of drainage is to 40 thousand tons to considerable, in contrast, the latter should be greater. Some analysts said, 075 amphibious assault ship through the deck, can take off at the same time 5~6 helicopter, mainly including straight -10, straight -8 and straight -9. In addition, the ship has a spacious dock, which has a great advantage for maritime transportation, can launch amphibious vehicles and various types of landing vehicles, it is also the case, type 075 amphibious assault ship has a strong attack ability.

" for the construction of the type 075 amphibious assault ship, many people also doubt: China has two aircraft carriers, why to build a quasi carrier called the amphibious assault ship? Does it weigh or conflict with some of the aircraft carrier's tasks? In fact, in combat nature, aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships are essentially different, at the same time have aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ship is not what the contradiction of the United States Navy is in possession of 11 nuclear powered aircraft carrier at the same time, with more than 10 amphibious assault ship, it is with the two "the beast" this combination, but also to the United States with a remote overseas world first delivery of the deployment of forces.

, even if the carrier and amphibious assault ship in some tasks, there are some overlap, such as executing strategic deterrence missions, but both have meaning and responsibility of their own, can not replace each other, this is like two legs one will lose, lose balance, the carrier at the same time, also can not forget the development of amphibious assault ship.

in size, although the type 075 amphibious assault ships to catch up with the United States LHD-1 wasp class amphibious assault ship, but compared with them, or are insufficient, the AV-8B+ "sea harrier II" and MV-22 "Osprey" this type two key the aircraft is not the type 075 amphibious assault ship. "Sea harrier II" AV-8B+ and MV-22 "Osprey", plays a great role on the LHD-1 wasp class amphibious assault ship, the former as the air and ground and sea attack missions, and can separate the amphibious assault mission in the area, the latter is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, they can complete the fixed wing aircraft the task of collocation type two aircraft, will make the sea with more excellent comprehensive properties.

, therefore, in addition to amphibious assault ship own equipment development, its carrier based aircraft is also very important. According to the latest news, China is currently developing the aircraft to match the type 075 amphibious assault ship, in order to combat with type 075 amphibious assault ships, two aircraft of this type of development, one of which is a double model similar to the "Osprey", another is called a "blue whale" the four rounds of tiltrotor aircraft. In addition, the f -18 VTOL aircraft will also serve as the aircraft type 075 amphibious assault ship, "sea harrier II" and AV-8B+ play the same role. However, the type 075 amphibious assault ship aircraft carrier is news only, as kind, also do not see, just at the show had appeared, however, the public is only a matter of time, finally in the end or not, we have to wait and see.

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Good news, 075 amphibious assault ship will come out!

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