Andy Lau's 5 year old daughter face first exposure

Andy Lau exposure child Olivia

tanzi· 2017-10-27 14:48:50

five years ago Andy Lau and his wife Carol Zhu gave birth to her daughter Liu Xianghui, the children always cover up tight, did not appear before the public. But

Andy Lau recently dropped back after hospitalization, at the birthday party is openly on the bed and her self, her daughter looks a bit like Li Xiaopeng Olivia ah, large eyes, look with a self Andy Lau and daughter, he seems very good relationship with her daughter usually.

" just like Andy Lau and daughter Olivia, looks a bit like, some point also like &hellip … sweet sweet honey; and indeed all the Lolita have one thing in common, that is lovely!

" in fact before it was photographed with her daughter Carol Zhu eat at parity restaurant, the little princess obediently eat special meals self-reliance, also turned his own mother's bag and hand cream to wipe the lipstick, quite a beauty.

children look cute and cute, 5 years old has grown so high, super MOE er.

" to see the positive feeling is like Dad, grow up very handsome appearance.

" think of Andy Lau and his son have hidden marriage for so many years, but the children take the initiative to put out the photos, it is finally figured out, take the baby to go to "daddy go"?

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Andy Lau's 5 year old daughter face first exposure

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