"Classmate, are you watching the concert?"" "No, this is a high number of classes"

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Sichuan micro campus October 26th news, in the evening of October 24th, a group of photographs taken by students at the University of Electronic Science and technology in the QQ space is widely disseminated. In the picture, the whole classroom is filled with students, even the corridor has many students craned neck, even climb the windowsill in the lecture. The scene is comparable to the concert.

" in this photograph: Sichuan micro campus photographer

according to the introduction, this is a field located in the Qingshui River campus of the University of Electronic Science and technology of ordinary lectures, lecture the calculus problems Analysis Lecture ", is taught by a teacher of high school of Mathematical Sciences, the school. Hundreds of students were attracted to this lecture because of the difficulty of calculus and the wit and vitality of the teachers.

" to listen to the lecture, students come to the classroom a day early and late student seat, only the whole or squatting or standing to complete field. As long as more than two hours, no seat students also listened carefully throughout the course, recording knowledge points.

" for students to share the talk, laments scenes of shock.

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