Ministry of industry requires operators not to limit the choice of old users tariff

MIIT Internet Zheng Lixin

ITzhijia· 2017-10-27 19:30:23

State Council Information Office in the morning 10 when the State Council Information Office press room held a press conference, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology, operation monitoring and Coordination Bureau Zheng Lixin, director of communication development division smell library introduces the industrial development of the communications industry the first three quarters of 2017, and a reporter asked.

" on the question of the old users currently can not enjoy preferential network operators and new packages and other related issues, development division, Ministry of information and communication smell library table shows the received user reflect, immediately interviewed three operators, and requirements enterprises to take measures, except the contract provides otherwise, shall not restrict the user tariff option.

Wen Ku said, put forward clear requirements to have three companies:

1, according to the notice of security of mobile phone users tariff choice, as well as on the telecommunications services market adjusted announcement subsequent, hope three enterprises strictly in accordance with the documents, not to launch the limitations of old users choose Tariff Scheme, and requires companies to comb the investigation of existing tariff scheme, such as a limited user tariff choice behavior, immediately rectification

2, require enterprises to properly handle customer complaints, for users of the package to change the demand for some positive communication solution, and the third party Internet Co to launch package, at present the enterprise that needs improvement, old users can not achieve online for requirements the basic telecom enterprises to provide convenience for the user, through the manual processing way for use For package change procedures

3, transformation schedule requires enterprise clear Internet package system, the timely implementation of the public, for the old users online directly for

Wen Ku said as soon as possible, through interviews and communication, the three operators are said to perform in strict accordance with the relevant documents, and properly handle the limitation of old users choose new packages problem. The follow-up will also pay close attention to the progress of things, and effectively protect the rights and interests of users.

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