How do I sell a protein bar to 600 million dollars?

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tiger sniffing note: now whenever entrepreneurship almost all necessary financial resources (jiè) (zhà I). But there was a young man named Peter Rahal in the United states. Four years ago, he decided to make a protein bar business. With no equipment, no investment, no connections, no experience, he and his buddies made the first protein bars in the kitchen of their parents' home. Then, they aim at the customer group in the gym to sell. After having accumulated some experience, I do not hesitate to go to the gym in the United States to do the most stupid door-to-door sales. The market has finally opened up. In

2015, they replaced RxBar with a simple package that the industry experts were not optimistic about. The result was a big fire on Instagram, and the sales went straight to the sky. In October this year, RxBar was acquired by Kellogg for $600 million, Peter Rahal to achieve the dream of wealth and freedom. The content below

is composed of tiger sniffing The $600 Million Dollar Story, which is compiled by the first person. It's four years of hard work for

to get rich overnight.

my name is Peter Rahal, the owner of RXBar protein bar. Like Jared Smith, I became hungry when I went into the gym, and the protein bar (maybe you used to call it an energy bar, whatever) was a must-have. One day four years ago, 32 after four or five columns after … … well, look around, hungry goods camouflage, why don't they do business? Anyway, I have the craft.

then we both twenty-six, no money, not married, did not lose what.

when they say "don't send you a"

they may have misunderstood, I think Silicon Valley is also those who believe (or pretend to believe) "Only One XXX Can Change The World" young, to rely on a few PPT can pull a bunch of dumb money with them (or dream pretend to dream, so when I suffocate) to them for advice, they is around me who believe in "seeing is believing" people - commom;cynical reply said: "so many people are now selling protein bars, where are you a bad? "

, I don't believe it. "The gym is hungry," and the market is vacant. Obviously, I'm not blind. I don't want to be an excellent or Amazon. I just want to do business. Why not? After

got cold water, I took my buddies and went to see my dad. No, he wouldn't give me the money; but he did a lifetime juice business like my mother, old fashioned, reliable, experienced and connected. And that's what I taught them!

"Dad, we want to do the protein bar business." as soon as I see the old man, I'll open the mountain and ask for resources. "We have to finance, we have to find a designer, we have to pack … … do you have anyone in this area?" "

," he said, glancing at me with indifference. "Don't tune in, boy! If you want to sell protein sticks, do it now, and sell it when you do it! What financing, design of … …

with me, he sent "shit" two words didn't say.

I fired the first employee - my mom,

, really, don't focus on what you don't have, think about what you have. I can't afford labor, I can't afford equipment. But I have a factory that doesn't pay rent - my mom and dad's kitchen. Palm sized place + scattered three or four people, barely calculate a family workshop just. But that's how we started.

was due to have a job, so I did not throw off the arm, doing about one hundred or two hundred cigarettes a day. Our protein stick has been genuine, pure protein powder + nuts + fruit, and gluten free and sugar free. A total of 11 flavors, each of which can provide 12g protein and 210 calories. I'll show you the pictures of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and you'll believe it.

images from Reign23

packaging materials are made from Chinese. A packet out look stupid, the most terrible is to label all manual system:


was responsible for the picture from the stem on the job is my mother. But she didn't do it for a long time - because she always kept the label off, and soon after that I politely got her out of the kitchen. And she is using the actual action to explain what I called "walking briskly" … …

tell you once again, I'm not blind

I mean, I knew from the beginning, I only sold Master protein bar fitness, other people -- if they usually will consume protein good, I would not waste a pawn in them a pawn.

so, I, or RxBar, an unnamed newborn, will never rush to open an online shop, nor will it seem to be hard to sell all over the world. I just concentrated all of my firepower on one point: the gym. because I always go to the CrossFit gym, I'm going to open the market out there.

since then, Smith and I have to take some RxBar for each CrossFit. First, to the old people, and then through their propaganda, sell to sell to other people. For a long time, even unknown people also come to find

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