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Medical beauty

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[billion euro introduction]  in the public trust of medical institutions, the promotion of the network is gradually lost the moment how to user security sense? O2O in the medical beauty industry can avoid burn? How to use their own advantages in the competition for resources under the line? Beautiful artifact Ling Feng in the interview given its views.

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13 the beginning of the year, many Internet entrepreneurs see Chinese the prospect of change of foreign cultural infiltration, per capita income increase, the consumption concept the improvement of the acceptance of the people on the whole, the micro plastic. Earlier media reports, from 13 years up to now, most have had more than 60APP exist at the same time, and now get financing through the winter is not much. " font-size: 15px style= + Internet there are two ways , in addition to the vertical platform starting, and the Jingdong's style= "font-size: the "entrance" game player, the former is divided into PC end professional community website to share mobile quiz providers platforms, such as Yue Mei; and directly into the platform of the mobile terminal market, such as beautiful artifact. Recently, billion euros into the beautiful artifact headquarters in Shanghai, the founder and CEO Ren Ling Feng conducted the interview.

man how to medical beauty user security sense?

recently, "Wei Zexi event" detonated public medical institutions in the network promotion, regulatory and credit evaluation system of question and touches the from all walks of life to the domestic medical security sensitive nerve, and medical beauty in nature belong to the medical field, but the source of demand to the user's self shaping. Therefore, in the disclosure of all kinds of medical accident exposure, the interests of black, medical beauty users in the pursuit of beauty, and at the same time often because of safety concerns and dispel the idea.

as a focus of medicine of the United States in the field of o2o platform, beautiful artifact from the agency settled until after service, to take four measures in the consumption process of the user maintain their rights and interests:

1, the source of the control. Ren Ling Feng told million European network, institutions settled in front of the platform, beautiful artifact the show including medical professional license, physicians professional license, proof for examination of medical advertisements, equipment registration certificate and other qualification certificates, and BD team will be to carry out field visits. Style= font-size: "15px >

2, automatic insurance. Style= font-size: "15px Beautiful artifact will be for the user to automatically buy medical malpractice insurance, if the accident is the insurance company claims. Style= font-size: "15px >

3, expert committee. when the user of a medical beauty services were not satisfied with the results, beautiful artifact will provide expert evaluation committee of experts to the user after operation, if the medical accident took the claims process, unless the medical accident, by users and institutions in coordination. Ren Ling Feng added, members of the Committee of experts, mostly from public hospitals, and settled in the mechanism of beautiful artifact in private hospitals to give priority to, so the two sides will not produced interest relation. At present, the beautiful artifact in the country a total of 12 experts, mainly distributed in Shanghai, Beijing. Style= font-size: "15px >

4, the treatment of the difference. Style= font-size: "15px due to the medical beauty services relative to commodity consumption has a higher degree of risk (rather than probability), so the evaluation of good or bad for the importance of medical institutions is self-evident. Once the poor assessment, beautiful artifact out of the consideration of the dispute, will give the agency a week of time to communicate with the user, if you can not get a solution will be displayed in front of the user. More than 3 poor rating agencies will face a temporary off the shelf, and more than 5 times, the direct cancellation of cooperation.

in addition to the measures of the protection of the rights and interests of users, Ren Ling Feng think like beautiful artifact such o2o platform to be able to do based on user reputation for merchants to judge, and this completely different on the search engine's competitive position.

's not subsidies how to play?

"burn money" is almost a o2o can not get rid of the word, Ren Ling Feng to million euro net explain, beautiful artifact did not burn subsidies to the user or organization, but < strong > with incentives "to return show" < / strong >. For institutions, due to greatly reduce the cost of the customer, and constantly generated user evaluation will automatically bring word of mouth effect, so the organization is willing to provide more favorable price for the platform users. Unlike dining, travel and other high frequency low consumption, medical beauty customer price at least in 3 digits, a small amount of subsidy and unable to on the user's decision produced big impact, so beautiful artifact take "return now" incentives in the form of users to share consumer experience and attract new flow.

the users express the incentive strategy also from the side reflects the Ren Ling Feng of beautiful artifact definition: "< strong > medicine in the United States in the field of community-based business < / strong >", namely to stimulate the user's purchase behavior. Ren Lingfeng introduction, the future of the new version, the user can browse experience posted directly click on the purchase of their interest in the service. In this model the first appeared in T2C (TV  To  consumer), TV shopping, then business development training habit of consumers online payment, nearly two years of mobile payment of the perfection of the infrastructure, more let "to see that buy into the platform flow transformation of important form, and" transforming is king "is the key to mobile Internet era.

's advantage in resources were the line layout

< /span>

Beautiful artifact current profit model is still from the transaction extract the service fee, according to the different situation of every transaction will have different pump is proportional to. Ren Lingfeng said that future beautiful artifact will profit through advertisement, but taking into account the current medical beauty o2o has not yet formed a stable pattern, also worry about advertising on user experience will have a negative impact, so in a short period of time will not access to advertising. In addition, medical beauty products market contains huge profits, so medical beauty o2o platform after access to certain users, metropolitan consider the cut upstream product supply chain, Ren Ling Feng to million euro net revealed < strong > they have to control the idea of < / strong > upstream supply chain, is roughly users on the platform to buy the drug through a unique serial number query drug related information, and then to line agencies for consumption. Style= font-size: "15px >

O2O link occurs in which? Offline experience. < / strong > if platform for the lack of resources under the line, or unable to provide a good experience, it is easy to be user abandonment, and this "abandon" for users but is replacing an app, give up some unused vouchers, on the platform is attached to the eligible customer cost and almost irreversible loss. Industries such as medical beauty o2o is in offline resources to integrate the early stages and users to pursue high-quality service demand and platform for the high quality line resources lack let each big players are shoulder heavy responsibilities.

Ren Ling Feng said, now line layout in the industry has not a secret, beautiful artifact actually has also been the plan, the platform has and 1830 doctors signed and settled institutions reached 832, covering the city block, 106, < strong > future depends on B round of investment Sky  good view of medical background and in the field of investment layout < / strong >. With the help of with more than hundreds of clinic resources, establish line of joint clinic for beautiful artifact is a thing can and must be done.

whether online or offline, medical beauty o2o players after the preliminary exploration of the experience, in the layout produced similar ideas, which means that the industry is destined to experience a shakeout stage. In Ling Feng view, the United States is a sunrise industry, but the current medical beauty O2O platform homogenization serious, beautiful artifact is to be through the service effect + security to do a differentiated competition. At present, the number of active users of the beautiful artifact has reached 13 million 600 thousand, the customer price 3100 yuan, the purchase rate of 21%. In the next industry reshuffle survival and firm, to help the sun industry with the Internet for the user to build a safe glass room, is the existing medical beauty O2O platform is trying to do things.

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