Breaking the last mile distribution, it's going to be the Middle East version of sf"

Dubai summit Shenzhen Ali

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] the state power grid "who fix the logistics, who will fix the Middle East electricity supplier, the electricity supplier market to reach the Middle East Chinese cross-border electricity providers, logistics is the most difficult problem to be solved. Because of the special situation in the Middle East, the local delivery and collection of goods after the arrival of the local goods has become the key to the entire electricity supplier logistics.

perhaps, it is to see this opportunity, Huang Zhen led her entrepreneurial team set up iMile. According to

founder Huang Zhen, iMile is a local logistics company dedicated service to China cross-border electricity supplier, has rich experience in localization, the biggest pain point focus on the settlement of the Middle East last mile electricity supplier delivery to payment (Cash On Delivery).

" (iMile founder and CEO Huang Zhen)

to export the Middle East cross-border electricity supplier sellers, may wish to look at iMile, might be helpful. The localization of


in market supervision is difficult to "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" today, to adhere to the entrepreneurial and survive itself requires a lot of courage, and go abroad to the overseas business, is committed to Chinese talent, excellent management and experience with abroad, is more courageous.

talked about the original intention of entrepreneurship, Huang Zhen said, in April this year, after Ali resigned from the Middle East, she began brewing their own project - iMile. With his 7 years of overseas work experience in the Middle East of Africa and 2 years of Ali in the Middle East, has a relatively good understanding of the Middle East market, and she thinks that the opportunities for business opportunities of the electricity supplier are large. In the Middle East, there are two major problems in the electricity supplier industry: logistics and payment.

in Huang Zhen's view, the payment can not be solved in the short term, and logistics is urgent to solve and can be solved. With her own overseas work experience and understanding of China's electricity supplier market, coupled with heavy logistics operation, high demand for localization, the general people think that "dirty and tired", she thinks this is an opportunity. But in the process of entrepreneurship, also experienced many hardships.

Huang Zhen told billion state power network, iMile from the operator to the present, encountered two difficulties: the first

, localization. "Although we are a

in the Middle East market to grow up, to China as a core team of the company, the localization ability is relatively good, but in the process of in-depth localization still faces many challenges, such as the Middle East, local customer consumption habits, the user address is not clear, the local courier low efficiency lead to high cost. "Huang Zhen said.

second, market supervision.

in fact, market regulation is always lagging behind the development of business.

in Huang Zhen's eyes, now the logistics industry in the Middle East has a certain foundation, but the market regulation is relatively backward. She mentioned that Chinese more and more powerful, "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" policy has had a positive impact on local regulation, she hopes to be able to upgrade from Chinese advantages of goods, and the environment China innovation ability and Chinese capital to signal positive opinion to Middle East and improve supervision.

so, how to solve this kind of difficulties and challenges?

Huang Zhen said, we must firmly do the following two aspects:

first, strengthen innovation in the ability of IT. "

" can be found, Dubai as the world's third largest trading port, cross-border trade has a long history, so the traditional era of trade logistics has existed for a long time. But we are an e-commerce logistics, as a whole, our ability in IT and business innovation capabilities relative to traditional trade logistics advantages. "Huang Zhen said so.

second, cultivating excellent localization talents.

, according to Huang Zhen, in the Middle East, it is difficult to find such as domestic "four links and one" as the processing of massive orders experience courier talent. So, she was ready to China successful experience, especially the successful experience of the express talent from China to the Middle East, combined with localization ability, so that these people from the pure China training into the internationalization of talent or the Middle East, which can effectively help solve the current difficulties. How does

solve cash on delivery?

for China's cross-border electricity supplier, how to connect customers is very critical, and logistics can help cross-border e-commerce platform to achieve delivery of goods, as well as the connection and collection with customers. Therefore, the Middle East electricity supplier logistics actually assumes not only the function of logistics, but also the function of payment. More than 80% of customers in the Middle East will choose cash on delivery, so the goods should be delivered back to the customers at the same time.

in the eyes of Huang Zhen, cargo to pay is the biggest problem encountered by China's cross-border electricity supplier to the sea in the middle east. She believes that there are two main reasons, first, customer service is not in place; two is the timeliness is relatively poor.

points out these two points, and Huang Zhen points out the advantages of iMile in this respect: first, fast. iMile provides One Stop Shop (one-stop service), the customer as long as the need to put the goods into the domestic collection warehouse, the remaining problems to iMile. IMile from the domestic warehouse to Dubai warehouse one-stop service, almost can achieve the fastest speed in the industry. second, depth boutique customer service. on the day or forecast of goods on warehouse