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home Jun: talking about the theme of the programmer In 2013, we published a series of novels, stories of old code @ code agricultural plots ". "A cock wire program ape of life" is the second programmer theme novel, from our columnist left Xiaolong try today before 3.

a cock wire program ape life (1)

before in accordance with the Convention, LZ in the opening often introduce the calendar, and this article is special article, the origin of how much is complicated. Style= line-height: "25.6px

so far, LZ has graduated nearly 7 years. Along the way, LZ experienced the big dye vat workplace temper, also experienced a lot of life of the fork in the road, more experienced many people estimate that life could not meet the story. Whether it is the workplace, or life, or emotional, LZ have a lot of sentiment.

has been, LZ are in writing all kinds of articles trying to transfer these insights, in order to let experience similar to resonate, from in get some harvest and an incentive.

but the fact is, the more or less at all with point like chicken soup, or more direct said, these articles is chicken soup article. Because of an article, can only be used short hundreds of words to describe a thing, so as to obtain a reason, because of the limits of space, the article did not restore the LZ situation and state of mind at that time, then the sentiment more or less will make people feel a little fake, big and empty.

so, in this article, the exact said is "a cock wire program ape life" this series of articles, LZ hope can pass through their own personal experience, let everyone in to experience the feeling. LZ believe that let everyone from LZ's life to experience these insights, LZ directly tell you similar to the "things to rely on their own" is that people know the truth is much better.

this series of articles may be long, but LZ believe, a lot of people can from more or less made some gains, and this would be enough.

in front of the manuscripts series, LZ to solemn statement and content of this series is to LZ my personal experience as a blueprint to describe the, most of the stories are true. But to the effect of, the more or less some exaggeration, even imaginary component (such as name, company name, etc.), any similarity or coincidence, please do not pigeon holing.


- dividing line -- -- --

Lin Xiao originally thought, their from the dream has become increasingly closer, he should be excited, excited, and even crazy. But now left Beijing, sitting on the high speed rail to Hangzhou, but he was not happy.

just a few years time, he from a well fed glut of game boy and become the only pillar of the family, from a although top with the title of "North drift" but I don't think themselves homeless people, become a real sense, Che thoroughly the bottom of the Rangers.

to think of these years experiences of the people and things, Lin Xiao suddenly feel, as if his life. Only her. Style=


2009 years, 21 year old Lin Xiao finally completed the undergraduate studies, from the far northwest of Lanzhou returned to his hometown in Henan, as a member of the hundreds or even tens of millions of graduates.

when Lin Xiao, always is the pride of the family, almost all contact with Lin Hsiao, appraisal of him only two words -- the smart. It is because of this, Lin Xiao in junior high school and high school is always the man of the hour of school, until the University, before the completion of the transformation of cock wire.

junior high school when, due to top-notch performance, the surface is also fairly handsome, Lin Xiao is the whole school was true meaning of one, and also a jiaocao willow light, and Lin Xiao is a classmate and, but two people is completely different style of the two. Lin Xiao is short, basically two disabled, but good grades, almost in the top 3, but looks not bad. And willow light is almost on the contrary, the willow light achievement can be said in a complete mess, but tall, looks is handsome and played basketball very well.

is not an exaggeration to say, at that time the school the same session, a total of 10 classes, more than 200 girls, not like Lin Hsiao, like willow light. Even after many years, Lin Xiao again met the junior high school students, we all still make fun of him said, at that time the school girls to discuss the topic of the most, is you like Lin Xiao or willow light?

to the high school, Lin Xiao performance advantage weakened a lot, but it was math score record still let him win the attention of a lot of, although than junior middle school natural is somewhat less, but the girls love Lin Xiao but still a lot.

however, childhood is aura around the Lin Xiao, but in the third year by the blow to life for the first time. May be due to the pressure of college entrance examination, also perhaps is adolescence. Li Toshiro face began to appear one after another of the acne, disfigured two words to describe would not be an exaggeration.

although this thing in adults, it seems, is just a normal physiological reaction, but Xiao Lin has received attention for years but only 16 years of age, is undoubtedly a not small blow. Is because of the shock, Lin Xiao assume believes that after he was disfigured like his is true love, Xiao Yu Shilin in senior three is confused start. His first love.

as for junior high school students who are only ambiguous and like, Xiao Lin never think it is love.

rejoice is, whether it is disfigured or love this thing, all and no influence to Lin Xiao learning. Although high school, because Lin Xiao on their own indulgence lead to poor performance has been worrying, but with a good foundation and the third year of efforts, Lin Xiao still have the right to take the exam two. Although it is not a school, it is not the focus, but as the only one in the class of two students admitted to the class, it is quite rare.

to the University, all of a sudden Lin Xiao was submerged in the vast crowd, head on that a little bit of halo has completely forgotten. It is no wonder that university Lin Xiao, not only performance advantage has consumed, also wore a face of acne, coupled with a second level of disability of the head, and a common family of origin, Lin Xiao is almost thoroughly that the cock wire name.

University for four years, Lin Xiao except not hanged division this thing to do pretty tricky. The rest of the time, all dedicated to the game. Of course, also includes his college girlfriend, but two people talked about half a year on the break up.

later, Xiao Lin also tried every way to restore, but the frustration is, women malicious up absolutely not inferior than men, Milan very firm and Lin Xiao draw the boundaries. Even more let Lin Xiao was suffering is, and later Milan and his a good brother, this once let Lin Xiao almost no longer believe in love.

fortunately game is Lin Xiao's best friend, he did not because the matter how long sad, continue to immersed in the night of pleasure.

on this Hunhunee spent the time at University, Xiao Lin returned to his hometown, the only harvest. Perhaps it was the graduation certificate and degree certificate of the bar. Style=

...... Style= line-height: "25.6px white-space:; normal >

Lin Xiao, lay down their luggage, looking over the years to take care of themselves a good mother, through the heart in a warm currents, could not help but gave his mother a big hug. Style= line-height: "25.6px

"Mom, I this just came back, you begin to ask me to, is not too early to the point ah?" Lin Xiao heart what to think when he tried to use a super U ghost. Style= line-height: "25.6px

Han Xia freely should be the sentence, but Lin Xiao, but can see, a reference to his sister and brother-in-law, two parents face is not so good to see. But for Lin Xiao, covered just in this small things will be how to love. At this moment, Lin Xiao, is not aware of, after graduation, he should be home to take up some of the burden.

although have graduated, but Lin Xiao still not from university life of ease out. Is with such a mentality, Lin Xiao began his graduation after the road of life.


- line -"


this story, LZ is hoping some of Bob workplace can bring you the real life and experience, including emotional and sentiment, but although LZ confident, but did not dare to guarantee one hundred percent of the story this way will be together Effect.

so, LZ need everyone recommendations for their own hands to tell the LZ, you in the next article. Style=

quick to let your hands up!

LZ;" that we generally think this is a novel, but it is not a novel.

Yes, this series of articles is to the writing style of the novel to narrative, but there almost every story is true, but LZ part exaggerated and part fiction only. And in the concept of LZ, the novel is purely fictitious and YY that, such as before the LZ wrote the ability programmer, and that belong to serious novels.

besides novels is to let everyone relax. This series is to in a novel way to LZ and everyone together will LZ once realized that the sentiment. Style=

so this series, really is not a novel, 0-0.


---- dividing line -- -- --

"horizontal groove! You run a special hair ah? We can kill, you can kill, OK?" See Lin Xiao's bedroom, smoke filled the air, like a fairyland in general, Lin Xiao to wear big pants sit in front of the computer, hair shiny, bearded, in front of a microphone in front of, foul mouthed said. Style= line-height: "25.6px

"anti kill your uncle. That's just your illusion." There was a young man's voice in the sound of the computer. Style= line-height: "25.6px

"illusion? Lie in the trough, why did you say that I am an illusion? Would you like me to sing a "illusion" to you?" Style= line-height: "25.6px

"Shiqu you. You follow me down the road to help me, I came to the enemy."

"squeak..." Style= line-height: "25.6px

"Dad, you scared me the, I thought it was my mother woke up, I just waiting for you play mahjong back yet." Xiao Lin turned a look, Dad Lin long days, which we breathed a sigh of relief. Then touched the belly, please say: "Hey hey. Dad. I am hungry。 You give me a bowl of noodles." Style= line-height: "25.6px


in the blink of an eye, Lin Xiao unemployed at home has nearly two months the. The two month's time, in addition to the first week of mother and son live together peacefully, the rest of the time, as long as Han Xia see Lin Hsiao in playing games, couldn't help up a few nagging. It is no wonder that Xiao Lin's mother is a bones pushy woman, son managed to graduate, but is in its nest at home day and night reversed play games, which makes how could she not annoyed.

and Xiao Lin's father Lin long days and Han Xia completely different, Lin long day belongs to the aspirations and very easily contented people. No matter how tired of work during the day, as long as the evening let him go while rubbing mahjong, this is Lin long days of happy life.

so everytime Lin long days see Hsiao Lin to play the game, but rather is not in a hurry. On the contrary, because their mahjong back too late, Lin Lin Xiao long days often to do food to eat. That until years later, Lin Xiao every time think of themselves to play the game at home, waiting for father to do supper when the scene, both miss and sad. Style=


in the twinkling of an eye and had a one week, Han Xia finally stand his son every nest at home, so ready to to Lin Xiao to find something to do. Just when the driving test is very popular, so Han Xia xianzhanhouzou gave Lin Xiao reported the name. The

Lin Xiao test driver's license when the weather is very hot, and take an examination of driver's license to practice car, car steering wheel are no help, turn a circle basically is a sweat. Because of this, Lin Xiao driving test also complained that the mother for a long time, think mother registration report is not the time, the way that spanking, Huo Tuotuo is a spoiled gongzige.

but in a driving school also have let Hsiao Lin happy things, that is in the driving school, Xiao Lin met live several times he has been is good sense of a girl -- Li Dan. Dan's mother and Lin Xiao's mother's maiden honey, in small Hsiao Lin, Li Dan's mother often took her to Lin Hsiao at home playing mahjong, this one to go, Dan Lin Hsiao for nature is ripe.

and unfortunately, Dan although Bilin Xiao two years older, but go to school late, so two people in high school or a session, although it is not a class, but occasionally meet. Lin Xiao can feel, Li Dan to oneself is the heart has the love.

but let Lin Xiao Pang is, since after the University, you have to also not high school when the high spirited Lin Xiao the, but a pure 100 percent cock. Therefore, encounter in driving, just for Lin Xiao in driving life add a color only, and did not set off the ripples.

after more than a month of bitter forced days, Lin Xiao finally or in November 2009 to get a driver's license. In the test driver's license this period of time, although the car is very tired, but fortunately there is an excuse to test driver's license blocked, Han Xia finally nagging is not so frequent.

Hsiao Lin to play the more hi, at the same time, has begun in YY channel to start the organizers. The YY channel is by a called the waves of DOTA commentary to establish, and Lin Xiao as the organizer, regularly will help you organize the Games in the room. And since the organizers, Lin Xiao not only their own play DOTA, occasionally playing tired, will do while ob help you explain the game, play that a joy. Style= line-height: "25.6px

to the Zhengzhou, Hanxia to Lin Hsiao beside the Zhengzhou University new school district rented a house, 300 dollars a month, the house was originally a Liangshiyiting, and Lin Xiao rented is hall across the room. After settling down to Lin Xiao, Han Xia asked a few words, then a person back to his hometown in Xinxiang.

the Lin Xiao dumbfounded the, to the time with only a laptop over, dota is not play the. As for the entrance to the postgraduate entrance examination, to Zhengzhou when Lin Xiao has never intended to really take an examination of postgraduate entrance examination, but for a place to continue to play the game no one to continue.

thereupon, Lin Xiao day tangled not how to better review, but in the end to play what game better.

is Lin Xiao worry, a high school let him to stop the game appeared in his mind, that is, Fantasy Westward Journey.

this game has been Lin Xiaoyu for China's own development of the game, the most worthy of a play is the most worthy of repeated play of the game, even Lin Xiao eventually went into the ranks of the ape program, and Fantasy Westward Journey, a great relationship.

since found the game and life nature of Hsiao Lin won't be again lonely, once again immersed in the game world. And this time, without the mother's supervision, Lin Xiao more unscrupulous, and sometimes play up simply do not know how long to play.

the outsiders seem boring, but the Lin Xiao to say but very fulfilling life, until a call just let this life there have been some episode.

one evening, Xiao Lin is with people grab a ghost on the road, suddenly beside the Nokia ringing up. Style= line-height: "25.6px

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