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said McAfee is history's most Niubi programmers? Style= color: "RGB is actually wrong! Style= white-space: "normal

Larry Ellison, the world largest database software company Oracle boss! 1944 in August 17, born than McAfee is more than a year, if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates called McAFee brother and that the seniority in the family more high the!

now 72 years old, he married a beautiful woman, although does not reveal the age, but also tender not ah!

he is abandoned, the father is unknown (original father is also a wild uninhibited man), mother alone can not support the him over to the care of relatives. < br />

this elder brothers pre school continuous drop out of school, always did not get a diploma, really awesome people need such a backstory, otherwise how extraordinary?

although Silicon Valley billionaire Larry Ellison is not the history of the first midway dropped out of school, but his dropout time is much Bibier gates (Bill Gates), Michael Dell (Michael Dell) and his friend Steve - Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) earlier.

32 before the age of has been a mediocre junior, spend money like water, in he and his first wife together a month earn $1600, he dares to spend $1000 to buy a bicycle; often senior restaurant eat; go to Beverly Hills to find a plastic surgeon doing surgical correction of the bridge of the nose; borrow $3000 to buy 34 foot sailboat... In short, "only the money to buy beer, but drink champagne."

for who is, this money also does not stand, first wife choose divorce. The back of his life began to open up! The wife may also think the grass root have become Silicon Valley's nouveau riche! < br />

he in mathematics, programming and sell technical talent development is now worth $182 billion technology empire. And it all began with the $1200 investment in 1977.

1977 years Ellison and colleague Robert miner founded "software development laboratories (software development labs), when IBM published papers of" relational database ", Ellison in order to create a new database, Oracle. Style= line-height: "inherit 1978 year the company moved to Silicon Valley, changed its name to "relational software company" (RSI).

RSI in the summer of 1979 released the can be used for the dec PDP-11 computer commercial Oracle products. This database product integrated relatively complete SQL implementation, including subquery, connecting, and other characteristics. The U.S. central intelligence agency wants to buy a set of such software to meet their needs, but after consulting the IBM found that IBM did not have commercial products available, they contacted RSI. So RSI had the first client.

first proposed "relational database" IBM uses RSI database. In 1982 renamed the Oracle (Oracle).

today, every time we in the credit card, booking air tickets or prescribe medicines when almost all in conjunction with the Oracle produced a certain number according to software libraries to deal with.

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he set up a company at the same time, also two legendary company also produced, an apple, a Microsoft, is very skillful, several of them is actually neighbors!

three companies have the same Titans, Bill Gates with Paul Allen, Steve Jobs has Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison, a miner Bob!

5 Wife of

first wife China majoring in history of Adda Quinn;

second wife Wheeler Jenkins Nancy, in the purchase of second-hand Mercedes Benz when the phase (buy a car to send his wife?)

third wife Barbara Boothe, was originally the office reception, the results become Mrs; (the right)

Fourth Melanie Craft, married in his estate, apple Joe closer is their photographer!

fifth Nikita style=" white-space: normal; "> 

he is a personal independence of conduct evaluation", " without him, science will be less interesting a lot of

1, had pushed off Keynote speech at Oracle global conference, only to be able to participate in the Americas Cup competition.

, Ellison is famous for the mean of competitors. He said the HP board of directors "stupid", also had ridiculed the German SAP cofounder Hasso Plattner "such as Einstein like messy hair. He also criticized Microsoft's monopoly, it is recommended that they split into the Microsoft A and Microsoft B".

3, " junk "incident,

2000 years, when Microsoft faces antitrust litigation, a named" Independent College "group to buy the full page newspaper ads version in the face of the government expressed criticism.

Oracle doubt the mechanism employed by Microsoft, then hired a Washington a detective firm survey, the firm later Zizi carefully to rake the "Independent College" throw away junk files after hair now, Microsoft has paid to independent college $15.3 million.

in a press conference afterwards, Ellison said "I think we did a good job. Our investigators may not be pretty, but it's not illegal. We found the truth."

4, have 5 million twitter followers, but only a brief

"Oracle received today more than 100 friend requests, SAP received only 'how to 2020 years ago success'."

Ellison in 2012 to buy the Hawaiian Lana' island I actually said he has at least 98% of the island.

sunrise on the cruise

his all performance and wealth, can through the "Iron Man" to reflect, because iron man prototype is himself! In " 2" iron man also guested on a rich oh! < br />

can imagine, such a unique personality person, lets a person of love and hate.

shoulder to shoulder with God's character, it is recommended you have empty can take a look at the book. < br />

after reading you will feel an style = "color RGB (17, 17, 17); line-height: 19.44px;" > can succeed basically are "scum". Good people can't do great things.

a "sacrifice", playboy, and gates, Jobe, friends and neighbors, create the world's largest database of company, and his belief in Chinese sources of Genghis Khan!

"only I was successful enough, others must fail."

material integration and network, programmers home finishing, please famous source

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