A man riding electric car butt, home for the return to the scene hit again

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electric bicycle hit the tricycle after escaping from the scene, not even a moment after even opened a van to come to hit the tricycle once again, so toss and toss in the end what kind of?

10 month 20 day and night, Haining traffic police received Xu alarm, said its driving car collided with a tricycle on the west mountain road in Haining, the tricycle elderly fell to the ground injured. After the police arrived at the scene, found a small van and a rickshaw tricycle crashed together.

" but strangely, the police found in the scene of the accident in the exploration of electric bicycle with obvious marking and falling down the electric bicycle foot, debris, asked by people, to help rescue the elderly passerby said, is not knocked down an old man the van, but a bike .

found something strange police immediately retrieved the road surveillance video to view. Monitoring shows that the evening of 9, 05 minutes or so, an electric bicycle collided with a tricycle in the accident section, resulting in riding tricycle elderly can not afford to fall.

and electric bicycle driver in the elderly view and dial a phone call, even driving electric bicycle left the scene quickly.

unexpected is, 8 minutes later, a van drove to the scene of the accident, rollover tricycle hit straight to go in, then get off the van driver and alarm.

in the face of police interrogation, Xu finally tell the truth: "because these days business is busy, when an electric bike is thinking about things, did not see in front of the tricycle, the results hit up, saw the old man down on the ground and bleeding from the head, think of their own electric bicycle without insurance, just call 120 emergency telephone immediately after the home opened a car to the scene, was thinking after the car crash indemnity insurance . "

to Xu that" God replied ", alarming police and the scene of the masses can not help but have some dumbfounding, Xu also face regret said he was stupid," change "and then hit the move is wrong in some unreasonable.


time auto insurance fraud fraud

auto insurance refers to the insured does not comply with the principle of good faith, the real situation of deliberately concealing relevant insurance vehicles, or distorted, conceal exaggerating losses the real situation, or deliberately fabricated the insurance accident insurance damage, in order to seek insurance payment behavior is a fraud in the auto insurance industry development in the process of.

of insurance fraud, the insurance claims in an attempt to cheat people, not only the "insurance law" in the clear provisions for exclusions, and shall be specified in the "criminal law" and other relevant laws, the insurance fraud crime in China Insurance Company, but also the seriousness of the circumstances shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. Even if the plot is minor and does not constitute a crime, administrative penalties shall be imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. If the popular point, think through this act of profit, will be faced with a legal system and is woven by interlocking and giddy skynet.

small remind drivers,

do not fancy, but potentially fraudulent crime!

source: South Lake evening news micro signal: nanhuwanbao

(edit Li Yuyu)

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