Production for a year and a half, science and technology antique iPod sell very expensive

IPod year and a half antique science and technology

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2001 in October, when Steve Jobs at Apple headquarters issued the first generation iPod and the 5GB hard disk memory music player when the price is $399, of course, its function is also available in the market the most advanced.

today, these outdated electronic products are still in circulation, but the trading site from Apple's official website, the flagship store moved to the eBay site. Change, of course, the price, if you want to buy a iPod, you need to spend $999 to tens of thousands of dollars, including those who can not use the old machine can only look at the. The

and U2 bands such as a red and black color iPod of the fourth generation, now the resale price rose to $7000. It was launched in 2004 when, in fact, the price is only more than 300 U.S. dollars, but it is already more than 2014 we are immersed in and to bid farewell to the mood of the moment lower, at that time the cooperation models fired to $9000.

than it is more expensive to include battery in good condition to the first iPod, the price 9999.99 dollars. The unopened second generation machine is sold at $19999.99.

you may doubt that the price is high, and their seller Brieto Hermie but the price is very confident. This is largely because he had previously sold a similar iPod ad page for $2000.

on the auction to buy these iPod machines and peripheral products, people seem to be different from the idea of. Gather together all Michael Freedaman iPod told the guardian that their collection of power is to have something different. And in addition, whether the design of apple, Steve jobs or various product lines, those crazy about enthusiasts there are plenty of people who. < p > as the 1960s NBA star card, in the 1980s, the Star Wars Miniatures and 1990s Barbie, the iPod has become 2000's most popular antique the, and their origins are once in a certain period of time effect of mass taste successful consumer product. Figure

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