Three layers of love for children, how many layers do you do?

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watch parents love their children is reflected in many aspects, such as within the ability to give him / her the best formula, the best toys, best education etc.. But in fact, "love" itself is also divided into layers. Today, Mr. the Bund introduces a film "soul catcher", 20 years ago, to talk about this issue. The film was starred by Matt Damon and Robin Williams, won Oscar's best original screenplay award and best supporting actor award. The film not only discusses the pain and direction of children's growing up, but also probes into the way and realm of love.

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, Huang Ye what education method best? Maybe it's hard to make a definite answer. But more than two thousand years ago, Confucius put forward a famous educational rule that has been tried so hard, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. This has been the ideal goal of education. But how to teach students in accordance with their aptitude? The catcher in the heart tells a story of catching and healing the soul, with a warm hue and a relaxed rhythm, which saves an extraordinary life.

videos began with Lambeau, a professor at M.I.T. He is a professor of mathematics and mathematics, he won the Nobel prize Fields prize, this is his professional medal, he is also the medal of life. In a math class, he gave the advanced Fourier formula, hoping that some students could answer it, even though he knew that it was used to find a genius, and genius was something that could not be met. And his luck was so good that he was found, but he was not a student, but a university cleaner Will (Will).

20 Professor William Rumbaut (Will) is a poor orphan. But worst of all, he's a little punk who likes to make trouble. He and a group of poor, underprivileged peers is not what knowledge is removed from the bar, street culture. In the entanglement of conceit and inferiority, he dare not reveal his own voice, and even dare not to pursue his life.

movies are all about him. There is a scene in a bar. He is the top students of Harvard University, from politics to economy, from philosophy to reality, students read books he read, students did not read, he read. And the best line is: "you learned 15 thousand, and I learned it in 1.5 dollars in the library.". "

will is a genius.". A winged genius.

Will at the senior Fourier formula

in Lambeau Professor finally "discovered" the genius of Will on the occasion, Will was jailed for assaulting a police officer. The critical moment, a professor of mathematics at Lambeau to do is to keep the contact condition of the bail, will must be professor, and accept the psychological help. However, will is a genius, and genius means that he is not so easy to arrange. After five counselors, have no way to naville. Professor Lambeau thought of his college classmates on the verge of despair, a professor of psychology at Sean (Sean). This was his last hope.

the dialogue between the mind and the mind unfolds, and the journey of salvation and salvation begins. And the three realms of love are also in conflict, incisively and vividly. The first level of love:

found you manipulate your

from a professor of mathematics at Lambeau thrown senior Fourier formula in the classroom, he always insist on doing things is to find talent, talent cultivation. And Will was the kind of genius he looked forward to! You can answer the advanced Fourier formula in minutes, and you can easily answer the questions he's been struggling with. He was a Fields prize winner, a genius in the eyes of others, but he knew he was nothing compared to will. In his eyes, will may be the one who can change the world.

he gave Will his freedom;, for trying to solve the psychological problems of Sean Will; he wanted to give Will a better job. But Rambo want, is expected to overcome the mathematical difficulties will together with him, get more monument, avoid their burnout was found to have no facts.

professor Lambeau heartache at will be burned out results of

will see Rambo, extraordinary talent, but also cherish and cherish his talent. This is the love of Lambeau will, his best love. In life, even though most children are not geniuses, they have their own potential. To explore the potential of children, parents are enthusiastic, they brought forward the Yin Yin, want their children to have some talent, but talent means that children in this aspect will go more smoothly, to a higher level.

is not wrong to tap the potential of the child, pointing out that this direction is not wrong. However, we can not help but ask, which way to decide which should be in the hands of whom?

Sean professor

in the film, all the efforts of the city

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