Does iPhone X encroach on the 8 market? It's too early

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tengxunshuma· 2017-10-29 07:53:56

Tencent digital news (Qiu Minghui) at present, perhaps the history of the iPhone sales lowest iPhone 8 witnessed the shortage of iPhone X, it is a cut to the heart. The reality is cruel, iPhone 8 is ignored by consumers, but iPhone X has been wildly praised. Faced with this situation, but some experts put forward different opinions, perhaps iPhone 8 can be hopeless rebirth.

Apple Corp's online store shows iPhone X predetermined amount in 5-6 weeks, Apple also said iPhone X in 10 minutes. A predetermined amount exceeded expectations, while iPhone 8 sales are not so grand.

at the same time, the market research company of the "Wall Street journal" said, iPhone 8 and Plus 8 in the September quarter sales statistics accounted for only 16%, while last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales accounted for 43%.

is similar to iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and it's not the first time to launch a variety of iPhone models quickly. For example, 2016 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE released a few months ago. However, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE have different price positioning for consumers, while iPhone 8 and iPhone X are high-end configuration flagship mobile phones, aiming at the same users, and the price gap is not big. But even then, there are people who have different opinions. KGI Securities believes, iPhone X is actually trying to a minimum for iPhone8 sales, the company is ordered to make corresponding measures to deal with the singular through research.

to know that the number of pre orders may not be a reliable index of data. And iPhone X has one of the biggest problems - supply, because the bottlenecks and other challenges that the device meets during production may limit its supply. In this case, consumers have a mentality of scarcity, so the amount of pre purchase is not a part of it, but a competition mentality.

so now we still cannot conclude iPhone X more attractive to buyers than iPhone 8, iPhone 8 review of the configuration of Ars, computing power and internal functions are impressive; although compared to some design and iPhone X due to the somewhat outdated, too dull, but most of the iPhone configuration and X configuration is the same the. Furthermore, some factors to measure consumers in the budget, we can find that the value of iPhone 8, the conclusion may be premature for the quarrel between brothers. Waiting for the ordering boom to calm down, maybe iPhone 8 sales will pick up. In the next November 2nd earnings conference call, we may be able to learn more about it.

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