Clearly can rely on the face to eat, but rely on the strength of the inventory of those who have the star of the stars


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the nearly hit the "five drama" the happy song, so that everyone on the Chinese teleplay began to sit up and take notice. Obviously gathered Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Kai, Jin Dong, Gao Yan star value, but the crew never like the crew of the house next door, has to take the star yen worth commenting, but from the story shop row, props and other details laid a hand on him, with a Virgo like careful completion of the strength of ring powder.

Andy refrigerator full of two layers of the same brand of water, with love to drink water habits; the rest is illy coffee, eggs, fruit, also does not conform to under the kitchen of returnees image.
Qiu Yingying subway backpack position
Shengmei sit for the first time: sports fan "you can open this convertible camera +"

style=" max-width: 100% font-size: box-sizing: border-box; 14px; important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important "; >    however, not only is the details of the impressive, all starring the weakening yen value, emphasizing the personality group play acting people clapping and cheering. Such as Liu Tao finally get rid of the "good wife" routine, playing a bit ungrounded gas elite returnees, such as retract the Xin Hua Fei forceful play a vanity performed but the battle righteousness, for example, Yang Chi in the "battle of Changsha, with drama fan children acting conquer men of God, turned around and into the people happy people worry the silly white sweet.

clearly can rely on the face, it happened that rely on the strength of popular. this sentence seems to have become a true portrayal of today's entertainment circle. Compared with those motionless by face brush and stroke in superior fried topic of the red line and eight artists, more in pyramid artists and more understand the low-key exercise strength of importance.
because released movie" Tang Xuanzang "and pushed on the topic list Huang Xiaoming, called the popular entertainment of the strength of a representative. Body for the first male stars, with handsome appearance, he always dissatisfied with the idol actor, from the beginning of the "wind", to the Chinese partner ", each drama can see leader of trying to get rid of the shape of imprisonment, hone acting intentions.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; < span style =" max-width:; font size: 14px; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; "> from the year to shooting the Chinese partner" practicing English, now shooting "Tang Xuan Zang", long time stay to embody in the desert wilderness monks and even forced to eat the soil drink dirty water, like crumpled. In addition to temper the efforts in acting, leader in business investment is not vague. Many skills and industry body, also has a high color value, the strength of Huang Xiaoming is also popular fully deserve.

about yen value VS strength, outdoor advertising crazy

  < span style = "max-width: 100%; font size: 14px; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" > & nbsp; from the beginning of April, Changzhou downtown hang out the a group of outdoor suspense ads launched the yen value vs strength which important topic has aroused universal hot. Drake shower room "color value of what outdoor advertising VS power" is a stem what?

suspense advertisement of the first wave of: Yan value vs strength which is more important?

suspense advertisement the second wave: strength is tempered, tempered the yen value!

  & nbsp; with users that Drake overwhelmed suspense advertising is to be in the home sector "grab headlines, the rhythm. Some netizens also think this is the first big Drake shower room for their own brand force.

suspense advertisement answer revealed: the strength of Yan + value male god attended the charity


then, both strength and Yan value male god Jia Nailiang will attend the scene, and Drake shower room with open "childishness Tongde and beautiful village class" public welfare plan, please pay close attention to.

    Drake shower room products not only in the practice of" ultimate aesthetic DNA, in terms of corporate social responsibility, Also spare no effort to advocate charity love. From the beginning of April this year, "Drake aesthetics star stores" has been gradually kicked off. Changzhou as the "Drake aesthetic Star Supermarket" the first station of city, as the star store tour kicks off aesthetics. Then the "Drake aesthetic star stores" will be held in Beijing, two in Shanghai city. Drake shower room through the star stores love in the form of auction, the donation of love into love supplies ready to mountain.

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get Yan + strength value of the man of God close contact way

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