Female programmers why a monthly income of 40 thousand and 5, live into the north to buy food for man?

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reportedly, 1024 is programmer's day, of course, is the program, the programmer's jokes are always a lot, then Cheng Xuyuan is a group of what kind of person?

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female programmers are destroyed three concept group

there is still hope xi'erqi Jingdong, or five three.

, when an office programmer was surrounded by a female programmer, it was very likely that the girl created another rare bug. This program compiler does not show errors, manual check also has no problem, but it is wrong. 35 hours later, oh, a dozen spaces. This is the stereotype of female programmers who are 40 thousand and 5 of your monthly salary. Why is

40 thousand and 5? Because the monthly salary of male programmers is 50 thousand.

hand piece aspect known, pointing straight cancer. Women's insistence on beauty and wisdom is enough to subvert your impression of the three words of programmers.

they are not so sloppy,

Wu is a mutual gold company's female programmer.

when the sun goes through SOHO in Wangjing and begins to irrigate old Beijing. Xiao Wu looks at the new iWatch. It's 8. Get up, wash your face, wash your hair, brush your teeth, make up your clothes, half an hour later, take two phones with Android and apple, and go out at 8:30.

must make-up is out the door, at least to cream, because the screen radiation really is not a joke. Eyebrows and lipsticks also need to be painted, but eyeliner is not.

and if female programmers don't pull out their cosmetics suits, you'll never see how much money she has.

cosmetics set up the big part of female programmers spending. If

small five open her drawer, whether it is the office or home, in addition to notebooks and technical books, there are a lot of bottles. They are all color lines, just like the National Day parade square.

in the morning to the shiny skin white beauty, cannot go shiny dark night. And occasionally a date to makeup. Xiao Wu said.

"I use things more miscellaneous, everybody say yes, buy to try.". Lipstick and make-up is Dior, Chanel, YSL, make up forever, Givenchy etc.. "

" and "Xiao Wu" used relatively miscellaneous, purely because of too lazy to choose, "color number" what you like to buy, anyway, can not afford to buy. "

" YSL round tube full set? Want to buy, but the counter is incomplete! Taobao? How do you try? "

yes, they are the last group of women who can't even conquer ma.

female programmers rarely go shopping, but they visit Taobao less.

because online shopping is relatively tangled, may be wandering on the Internet can not decide for a long time, but also encountered substandard products will encounter Bug, in order to two hundred or three hundred yuan is really not worth it.

the weather has been cooler lately, and the conference room is full of pancakes and fruits at the door. But Xiao Wu will buy perfume. "I love fruit, and I feel better.". "Although

Dolce & Gabbana Blue Lady and Dior flower Miss Wu is common, but Jo like Malone also tried several. But do you know there's a kind of willfulness called letting it evaporate? That bottle of perfume without trial is the fate.

, of course, they're shopping is not much, it is added to a must. Generally in the shopping malls around Xidan, before going to write the list of what to buy, shopping for more than ten minutes to buy all.

as for clothing, the choice of female programmers are usually low and medium, simple and generous clothes. Most are Lily, Vero, Moda, one, more, me&city and other shopping malls common brands. What is the first choice of workmanship and texture, which is the same as the mechanical keyboard persistence of male programmers.

as for style, there is no other white-collar fashion. No time to study fashion week and popular fashion this year. One more thing, if it's so brilliant every day, do male programmers still have to work?

small five basic will not go to Sanlitun, she often go to the shopping mall. Because of her female friends, programmers are in Zhongguancun.

but let's call it shopping. Does

remember the difference between the north and the south in buying vegetables in the past?

female programmer procurement, is the same as this.

they really don't have that are due to be "finished"

China World Trade Center socialite on taxi to work, will choose a decent car.

and female programmers go to work, it's a lot of ecology, you can ride ofo, or simply walk.

female programmer has no sense of duplex loft, directly living next to the company, anyway, not short of money. Even the center of the universe, Wudaokou, single room rent is about 3000. Even renting apartments is five thousand or six thousand. If a room for two people to live, so it will be less flat.

high wages, rental housing is not so distressed. When

goes to the subway or goes to work, female programmers also like to chat about gossip, light luxury goods, or technical information.

yes, imagine girls talking about technology, quite a sense of picture.

of course, female programmers really don't understand some of the topics that other colleagues talk about.

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