The three aircraft carrier groups gathered in this battle is rare in East Asia

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micaihujunshi· 2017-10-29 16:54:08

display of military power and the formation of deterrence effect is the United States common strategy, although in recent years, the economic downturn, but the U.S. military stretched, still did not forget to use military deterrence means to reach its need to hegemony. The high-profile assembly of the three fleet in the west is rare in recent years, what specific considerations, but also not easy to speculate, I believe we all have their own judgment.

26 the U.S. military announced that U.S. military plans next month in the Western Pacific Ocean launched a carrier strike group to participate in military exercises, it will be 2007 years after an American aircraft carrier near the sea rendezvous II 3 carrier at the same time the sea battle group care build-up situation. The Joint Chiefs of staff officials Kenneth Mackenzie, 26 in The Pentagon press briefing said the exercise will show us military forces are unique and powerful, for the Western Pacific allies to provide an important guarantee. "

"aircraft carrier battle group (CVBG, CVSG, CARBATGRU) is a team headed by an aircraft carrier battle group, is regarded as a symbol of American military power. This fleet is mainly owned by the United States Navy, and is an important component of the U.S. military projection capability. The United States Navy currently has 11 aircraft carriers, 10 are "Nimitz class" nuclear powered aircraft carriers, and 1 are Ford class nuclear powered aircraft carriers (in construction).

US Navy officials said that 3 aircraft carriers in the seventh fleet under the command of the action is a part of the regular rotation of the deployment plan. The U.S. Pacific Fleet, seventh fleet of third executives said in a statement, the carrier strike group only routine deployment in the Western Pacific and India ocean ", this is not only a part of the military deployment plan, carrier strike group in the schedule spatial overlap phenomenon is not rare.

reported that "Nimitz" and "Roosevelt" aircraft has entered the seventh fleet duty waters this week. A military expert told the "Global Times" said in an interview, a typical carrier air wing including 24-36 F/A-18E/F fighter aircraft used as attack aircraft, about 10-12 F/A-18C two squadrons, and Marines. Plus the 4-6 EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft, 4-6 E-2 early warning aircraft and a C-2 transport aircraft and anti submarine helicopters, general, a "Nimitz" class nuclear powered aircraft carrier equipped with about 85-90 aircraft, but is usually 64. According to such power allocation, the combat effectiveness of an aircraft carrier strike group is larger than that of a medium-sized country in the usual sense.

" military expert Li Jie pointed out that the 2 aircraft carrier battle groups in the same area is generally indicative of deterrence, while 3 or more than 3 aircraft carrier battle groups at the same time in one area of the meaning is very intriguing. "This exercise will show the unique and powerful military strength of the United States and provide an important guarantee for the allies in the western pacific. "Aircraft carrier strike group" is usually composed of aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines and other 6 to 10 ships and a large number of fighters, each formation of up to 7500 people.

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