Motorcycle hit boyfriend died, actress by mom dressing for 5 years

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beiqingwangyule· 2017-10-29 19:31:42

artist Rama Zidane

Taiwanese media reported, artist Rama Zidane (Rima Zedian) is a hybrid, the "Jonny Keke" Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer Award, she has beautiful appearance of actually experiencing a death accident at that time the body was severely burned to the fire, now arms, back and legs have scars, the mind has also been a considerable blow, locked himself in the room for half a year. According to

reports, when Rama Zidane in Florida studying, understanding a group of love friends riding a motorcycle, it has further development and then boyfriend, but there is a bike on the road, she was wearing a helmet and no other equipment, the result of a shake is rear collision, the people fly out, the car also followed the burning, her boyfriend died on the spot, she is serious burns, now arms, back and legs have scars.

/ Zidane lying in the ICU within 1 months, the rehabilitation and treatment of up to 5 years, was finally fully recovered, but returned to Taiwan after the psychological trauma is still not good, she has more than half a year has locked himself in the room, the family is feeling guilty unceasingly I told my mother, "there is a big … before I go to the reading of guilt, make yourself in this way, she will help me change every day. "

also because it was the body of three degree burns, Rama Zidane now who still has a scar, at first she is still not in the face of these traces, but with the growth and change of time and thought," these years I found that the scars will not let you become more value or not is not sexy man, is from the inside by ", so her book on the face also share the bikinis beauty photos, full of positive energy can also make people feel full of vitality in the tourism program host.

/ Zidane now have stable contacts in Belgium boyfriend, had 2 people over the years is a good friend, also have in their time to accompany together, very comfortable, began formal exchanges last year, was asked what was the other point which attracted, she said: "our habits like it, like an old married couple get along mode like drama finally came around each other, and now the first movie was nominated Golden Horse Award, and certainly all parties, believe that the future can also put different color in the movie circle.

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