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on the hook if a question of what little turtle, but the morning anchor hook up something a bit special, after the seaman looked seen immediately chaos as a group, this kind of thing is really spicy crisp, and exciting and rare. Dangerous

a ship always comes from underwater -- from Norway tanker pulled a torpedo about

2017 on the morning of October 16th, anchored in the UK port of Portland Norway oil tanker "Scott merchant" (Skaw Provider) for a voyage to London, the sailors began the anchor work. It was a routine job, but it brought unexpected surprises to the crew today".

"Scott merchant" is a displacement of 43000 tons of refined oil, hanging the flag of Malta, it's about each have a large anchor, help it parked in fixed

away left anchor work quite well. But when the "Scott merchant" crew will be on the right side of anchor from fifteen meters under the sea out of the water, people are surprised to find that the anchor fluke hanging on a strange thing.

's photos of the

from the photo, the tanker is using a large anchor anchor named Holzer:

" this anchor the head can rotate, so that it effectively improve the efficiency on the seabed, but also the anchor, make it as a fluke two of the ancient war in a moment will be a long handled hook, hook a little what

if you are a turtle hook the question of what is not, but the morning anchor hook what is special, so they looked after reading the seaman immediately, a scene of chaos.


rushed to bomb disposal personnel to see, "torpedo anchor hook Scott merchant" in a rusty anchor, deeply penetrate into the body of mine, it abruptly pulled out of the water. This kind of thing is really spicy and sour, and it's exciting and rare.

like the author of this generation, the word "torpedo", the initial contact is from the beginning of the movie "the situation", the movie Brave resolute Deng Shichang Deng adult straight Yoshino is sunk by the Japanese ship, launched a torpedo in (which is a kind of artistic expression, the time history of torpedo it is only suitable for warships attack port).

" torpedo can be regarded as a full of explosives, unmanned boat, once hit the opponent will explode, the formation of structure of the target underwater the serious destruction of

Navy has a saying called "the danger of a ship from underwater torpedo forever", the damage is often fatal, in many battles, a torpedo can make a modern large warships while

such a scene of terror can not make people tremble with fear, the problem is that Portland is a bustling commercial port, how will the underwater torpedo? Is it going to be a good business?

, the British Royal Navy handling underwater explosives special forces arrived, they saw the torpedo hanging in the anchor with irregular waves on the rock, facing the similar old birthday hanging scene, they quickly re throwing "Scott businessman" left anchor, the ship was fixed dare to start bomb work. Finally, it took five hours of hard work to get rid of the terrible guy.

was engaged in bomb work according to lieutenant Campbell introduction, this fish is not what thunder hostile countries in order to destroy the British Empire unity here, instead of the British Royal Navy. Before 1980, Portland was once a naval base, then part of the torpedo weapon development task here. The fish was a test mine lost by that time, and it had been several decades since he had been lying in the water.

this is a reasonable explanation, Chinese fishermen have repeatedly picked up the naval torpedo shooting test or deviation, even once picked up a MK-46 torpedo was America's most advanced, it makes China's military departments for the development of our army to early self guided torpedo played an important role.

said, who sent you?

is finally near misses, in the afternoon, "Scott businessman" from Portland, according to a predetermined route to london.

wrote here, and I remember an old captain talking about his military experience, and he mentioned that his warship had been struck by a torpedo, and there was very little experience.

is carrying a three class ship … … it sounds strange when you say it

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