Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ranks among the third largest weapon exporters in the world

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that what trade is always the most profitable, we tried the industry for decades, and now finally in the forefront of

especially for Chinese foreign weapons carried by the thick and heavy in colours. In the five years from 2012 to 2016, China's arms exports increased by 88%, and has become the world's third largest exporter of weapons after the United States and russia. At present, China's weapons have become the hot goods in the international market, and in a number of areas in a monopoly position, then what is the strength of China's foreign trade weapons?

UAV if the tank Chinese is only the bright younger generation in terms of the UAV, so China is really in a monopoly position. In 2016, the world UAV sales reached 7 billion 630 million dollars, accounting for half of China's total. In terms of military UAVs, China has a large number of models, advanced performance, and cost-effective.

" took China in recent years in the international market sell rainbow series UAV, a rainbow 4 is only $about 1000000, and the performance of equivalent MQ9 is $about 4000000, and Chinese in technology transfer very easy, it's no wonder why China products will be so popular. As the most famous product of China's unmanned aerial vehicle, from rainbow 1 to rainbow 5, rainbow UAV has formed a complete family, and even the latest rainbow 5 bomb volume has not lost professional armed helicopters.


in recent years, the international market is China tank on a dark horse, from VT1 to VT5, China foreign trade has formed a comprehensive performance of the tank, the price is right, with the severity of the export system. In October 10th, the first batch of 28 VT-4 tanks produced in China had arrived in Thailand. The completion of the deal means that China finally occupies a place in the high-end tank market.

2016 Thailand army tender to buy two battalions of tanks, China VT4 against Russian T-90, the final VT-4 with excellent performance to beat T-90, successfully gains Thailand army tank orders. Can defeat the strength of the T-90, which shows the performance of VT-4 intrepid. Held in August this year, the Japanese armored performance, Chinese ordnance industry group showed a full set of foreign ground equipment, from the tank to the infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles from the MRAP vehicles, all ground equipment available, Chinese enterprise to pick what rhetoric: No, I lose.

"developed by AVIC L-15 advanced trainer

fighter as the highest level of arms trade in the fighter, China in recent years also highlights frequently. China's K-8, L15 is already a hot market in the international trainer market, exported to Zambia, Burma, venezuela. In 2016, the Sultan Air Force Trainer tender, Eagle trainer China beat Russia's Jacques successfully exported 130. In addition to the trainer, FC-31 Chinese JF-17 export performance is also very strong, has been exported to Pakistan 150, and has launched two seater version of the model.


Xiaolong Xiaolong fighter as a three generation light fighter, its performance can meet the F-16 80%, but the price is only 1/3 of F-16, with a high price, very suitable for the majority of developing countries. Not only that, China has even been in the monopoly of the five generation of aircraft exports, the current ability to export the five generation of the country is only China and the United states. In the future high-end fighter market, -31 is destined to be a powerful challenger for F-35.

China annihilates -31 stealth fighter currently has become the international military export market, a rising star, the aircraft industry often with a wave of various types of aircraft appeared in major weapons exhibition, make the United States and Europe felt pressure Alexander: Chinese again to grab business. In order to better promote the aircraft, the aircraft industry crafted Fighter Trailer cool, military aircraft industry and was honored in a cooperation experience obtained this precious film in the trailer, the aircraft industry shows the details of the full set of foreign fighters, including not only familiar to us, even 20, annihilates 10 foreign trade edition. Various advanced fighters have shown technical details that have never been disclosed before. These are not seen in China at all. How many can you recognize in the

aircraft industry Promo?

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