Scary or cute? Star Halloween style span a bit big

Kun Ling the Green Hornet Alyssa Chia Jay Chou

tengxunyule· 2017-10-30 06:12:33

Tencent entertainment news in October 31st will usher in the Halloween, seeing the festival draws near, many stars couldn't help advance it to celebrate Halloween, but some look slightly in line with the festive atmosphere of terror, but some people love to look cute, let's take a look at what the stars are shaping the image!

10" on Sept. 28, Kunling updated their social platform, seeing the upcoming Halloween, but Kunling released their own costumes, direct Cosplay Kunling before the Jay Chou movie "Green Hornet". Figure! And holding a double stick, isn't that a naked show of affection?

Alyssa Chia for work in advance to do a Halloween party for the children, and in the micro-blog drying out the photos, the photo does not wearing a black star does not dress, standing behind the wings of the wings, quiet like a little angel, the head of Bo. Wearing a yellow hat, casual mouth tongue look adorable cute.

" s is the embodiment of snow white, the two daughter of Xu Shaoen's terror look very scary, but Xu is a old Meng Da dress. Take a

Miriam Yeung a wonder woman, the hands of the sword and shield especially prominent, amazing people, husband Ding Zigao, Prince of strong flavor, but the two collocation together there is so little sense of CP. The two man's son is the feeling of a little wizard, and he has to say, "baby, the face of this painting is green giant, without a bit of a sense of fear, and the sense of jubilation is pure.".

, Wendy Deng, also elaborately dressed, at first glance, there is a kind of Egyptian feeling.

looking at so many Halloween costumes, which one do you like best? Who do you want to be the best?

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