Pickled cabbage! Liaoning Street tens of pounds of Chinese cabbage is cooking now sold

Liaoning Dandong Z

shijuezhongguo· 2017-10-30 06:29:41

2017 October 27th, Liaoning, Dandong, id=, class=. Now, when the pickled sauerkraut season, the country will be full of Chinese cabbage farmers have the car into the urban fringe, is selling now cook. The cauldron boiled water, and the 35 men pressed the cabbage into the pot. This is the northeast people pickled cabbage is the most important and the most basic link. Purple chess book / visual Chinese

truck 35000 pounds already cooked cabbage, belonging to the enterprise collective purchase. A driver said, they have 30 people to eat collective meals, according to 100 kg per person pickled pickled vegetables. There are two dealers intermediate

of Chinese cabbage sales unlike other agricultural products, farmers are selling personally. Just this year, the price of Chinese cabbage is 1 lower than that of last year, 5. Farmers said that last year or 4 gross 5 this year, suddenly dropped to 3 hair.

" is boiled cabbage master, 1 pounds of wool can earn 2 hand money, if you catch the largest amount of 10 thousand pounds a day to cook to have income of 2000 yuan. One is to throw the pot dish chef said, in a year, it is about 10 pickled sauerkraut days, up to 2000 yuan of the 35 average, a day per person can earn sanwubo.

Street boiled cabbage not too high technical content, is from experience to work, cook too light is too heavy to be just perfect, will not work, rely on the human eye to observe. Although the Chinese cabbage chef wears plastic gloves, he often inserts his hands into boiling water and looks brave and agile. The citizens of

home will be cooked cabbage into the bowl, use a clean plastic cylinder is sealed, pressure on large stones, not oily fishy, about half a month after fermentation can eat delicious pickles.

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