Vietnamese boy confessions with 38 live cockroaches spell "I love you""

Vietnam roses Hanoi

kankanxinwenKnews· 2017-10-30 06:30:01

advertising but very critical, decide whether to smooth off single, while men are generally advertising to create a atmosphere of time, some people will buy roses, even in the top of the ferris wheel to speak their love, in order to smooth out the beauty. Vietnam boys feel romantic confession is too old-fashioned, need a little stimulation to get crush on her heart, so he prepared 38 roach line "I. U", not surprisingly, was refused, he had to go alone.

" at the Hanoi Polytechnic University Junior Duong Minh Hieu, he secretly a woman for 4 years, he in order to shake each other's heart, put thinking to strong body, strong vitality to Jack to help him get the girl. Duong Minh Hieu left for school authorities first set at home after class, caught a total of about 40 cockroaches, he was discharged from the "I Love U" words, did not expect him to live or jumping jack, fixed, side side row spraying insecticides, forcing Jack Bauer "good order", the final success in 38 only "I U.".

Duong Minh Hieu on the ground is full of "I U." they recorded the film, were happy to crush each other, eventually was rejected, and single project failed to success, only with each other to a friend. Duong Minh Hieu after the film is uploaded to the network, with a love song "I love you I need you ~ ~" the music is lyrical, but the picture is quite scary, some Xiaoqiang has not died, waving tentacles continue to struggle to get up.

this film exploded in Southeast Asia, netizens have said, "there will be girls promise to blame", "kill the sauce (so), many lives just for confession?" "They don't die,"... The foot luanhui "and" if I refuse "," second, I need to buy a gun for self-defense "and" terrorist "," all this love were the last man in the world, also don't take this cockroach advertisement boy together "," the man with the they should not live in this world!!!!! "," hard "," Johnny too sick to is not a bit romantic ".

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Vietnamese boy confessions with 38 live cockroaches spell "I love you""

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