Nineteen after the first week of intensive personnel adjustment, what signal transmission?

The nineteen big Party Central Committee Xi Jinping unified

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officially unveiled from the new central collective leadership in October 25th to Sunday 29, just 5 days, big news one after another.

Chinese officers, pay attention to the start, the new central collective leadership in the short 5 days of big action, there are too many worth reading.

WeChat xiake_island reported that people are most concerned about the weekend intensive personnel changes. In the last 27 days of the meeting of the Political Bureau of the release is a sentence "the meeting also discussed other matters", this is generally an important problem of personnel. Over the weekend, the provincial officers intensive adjustment, involving Guangdong, Shanghai, Liaoning, Fujian, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other provinces. Because of this wave of personnel changes, the follow-up should also be further adjusted.

however, Knight island that several important meeting of the central transmission of information is the key - in a sense, the nineteen central this week frequent action is to set the tone in the future.

26 on the afternoon of the military construction, after nineteen, the first single public activities of Xi Jinping, is to attend the army cadres conference held in Beijing, the spirit of the nineteen army to convey system components visible in the eyes of Xi Jinping army. According to Xi Jinping's words, learning and carrying out the nineteen spirits is the first political task of the party, the whole nation and the whole army in the current and future period, and the whole Party and the whole army of the people's army of the people's Republic of China (

). This is also an important preparation for unifying ideas. The

of the meeting, and a statement of concern: "comprehensive strictly". Although it is not the first time, but the new session, the first meeting, but also to mention that different thick and heavy in colours. Similarly, compared to the last session of the Central Military Commission (8), the nineteen member of the Central Military Commission drawdown in half, only 4 people, and the Military Commission Secretary Zhang Shengmin among them, this is not seen before (former army Secretary Du Jincai is not a member of the Central Military Commission). In the Commission's role changed after it is self-evident.

contacted the details of the Defense Conference three days ago: "Regulations on the prohibition of illegal banquets and drinking" has been implemented in the army for one month. In view of this, a lot of experience of the past five years comprehensive strictly, the future will be in the military reference implementation.


10 27, the new Politburo first plenary meeting and collective learning. As we all know, the important experience of comprehensively administering the party strictly since the beginning of the eighteen year is to grasp the "key minority", which is the leading cadre in the party, and the Central Political Bureau is the key to the minority. Therefore, at the plenary session of the new Central Political Bureau, Xi Jinping's speech, centering on the theme of "setting rules", determines the principle of the new team work, which can be regarded as the policy declaration of the new central political bureau.

meeting and learning on this day, research, deployment, learning, publicity, the spirit of nature is an important issue, Xi Jinping mentioned in the collective study that day, to carry out a big learning within the whole party within the scope of the nineteen. It is believed that the nineteen spirit learning will be a great activity covering the whole party, and the purpose is to unify the thought".

therefore, the meeting of the Central Political Bureau of publicity on the nineteen spirit, the "five focus", in fact, can also be seen as the core of the nineteen report of the topic.

is a focus to socialist ideological China characteristics of Xi Jinping new era party must long-term importunate guiding ideology; the two is to focus on 5 years of the cause of the party and state historic achievements and historic change; three is to make China socialism into a new era, our society has been transformed into the main contradiction the increasing of people's life needs and unbalanced contradiction between the profound influence the full development of the major thesis to focus; four is to focus on the implementation of the party's nineteen major decisions on the deployment. And the last point is to focus on General Secretary Xi Jinping is the party's support, people love and deserve the party's leader.

", why should class= settle down to "the leader of the party"? Id= In fact, this conforms to the supreme principle emphasized by the first meeting of the Political Bureau of the day, and the centralized and unified leadership of the Central Committee of the cpc".

in the new constitution has just been published, "the government, the four corners of the world, is the leadership of the party", this article first into the constitution as the highest political principle. How to realize "the party leads everything"? It is necessary to seize the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, and to maintain the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, we must resolutely safeguard the core position of the general secretary Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the whole party. This is a logical progression of hierarchy.

for this reason, the Central Political Bureau also adopted a document called "the Central Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening and maintaining the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee of the centralized and unified leadership of a number of provisions.".

this level also reflects a series of specific work by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee meeting on the 27 day of the request, the member of the Political Bureau have very specific requirements, such as

, to study the major issues take the initiative to report to the CPC Central Committee, the implementation of the central deployment period, but also to the Party Central Committee report to the CPC Central Committee to push the progress;

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