Taiwanese party Lu Lian: many pro Neixiang Island, I am not afraid of fear.

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according to CCTV News reported in October 29th, in October 26th, after the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Lu Lian returned from Beijing to Shanghai, began daily teaching work in Fudan University. At the Party Congress, she was the only native representative of Taiwan province who was the only member of the delegation of Taiwan province who lived in the mainland of Taiwan for second generations.

reporter: Hello, I am Taiwan Zhongtian TV reporter, some people said you were elected the Chinese Communist Party, you will not love Taiwan, would it?

" Lian Lu: I think the problem of logic is very funny, I was Chinese on behalf of women, what I do, sir? After all, we are in 2017, not 1927, not 1937, not 1947, I think we should have the confidence and courage, ideology inside stay away from outdated opposition, I think we can also love Taiwan, love the motherland. We love Taiwan and we love our motherland.

, Lu Lian, a sensitive and sincere response, infected the reporters. The wide spread of media has brought her into the public eye quickly.

1968, Lian Lu was born in Taiwan, a small town in Kaohsiung, although not local, but lived here in Taiwan from Fujian, Guangdong natives and migrants, as well as the Kuomintang to Taiwan the mainland provinces, different ethnic groups have different customs, language and culture, different lifestyles impact Lu Lian's childhood.

" Lian Lu: when I was in junior high school, I began to fall into a kind of helpless situation.

reporter : why?

Lu Lian : because the teachers lecture accent is very different, such as the same is a spider, a spider on the wall, I know how to speak Taiwanese, spiders, but some teachers may by his accent, he said there is a spider. Another teacher, there is a spider. Faced with many teachers, they speak Mandarin with different accents, so in junior high school, it's really challenging.

" on the island of Taiwan the unforgettable memories to the young Lu lian.

Lu Lian : when I was a child I was afraid of a scene, a weekend home, sometimes go a little later, the car already dusk, I most afraid of the road next to a small house, inside a dim light.

reporter : Why are you afraid?

Lu Lian : because of the way the car will go through the veterans who lived in that way more, through the dim lights, I glance under the lamp is an empty table, see is a lonely house, do not feel the warmth of a veteran. The old man sat there alone, watching TV may or may be in a daze, Taiwan at that time to fight the economy, not too concerned about these we think now is the bottom of the masses.

1990, Lu Lian graduated from Taiwan University of politics. After that, she went to University of Edinburgh to study in the Department of British philology. Her life abroad gave her a new look at Taiwan.

reporter: when you study abroad, there is no one to ask where it came from, what do you say?

Lu Lian: , many people will ask me where I come from, I said in Taiwan, Taiwan, many people say that the Taiwan tourism industry, many beaches, great, I said no, you are wrong, that is not Taiwan, he made a mistake, he wanted to become Thailand, so there is little to stimulate the blow from his hometown, in the international identity is relatively easy to be confused, this is against my confidence.

1997, Lu Lian in the overseas experience the return of Hongkong, this experience gave her a further touch.

" Lian Lu: a lot of news on TV, we watched the live broadcast about the students, we England his sad, he said that the British Empire has lost territory, our students in India, he said, because before India is it from the British Empire, he said that what you say, Hongkong Kowloon side would not you, our Macao classmate said, yes, we want to return to Macao is also very early, I found myself in
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Taiwanese party Lu Lian: many pro Neixiang Island, I am not afraid of fear.

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