Foreign media: tens of billions of countries India submarine large submarine Japan has given up bidding

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[global network reported on October 30th military] according to the "India times" website reported on October 20th, Japan and Spain chose not to participate in the submarine tender India long time delay, the project is through foreign shipyard and India dock Co, with about 700 billion rupees ($10 billion 900 million) to build 6 new advanced stealth submarines.

reported that no sources said, responding to the French Navy shipbuilding group, Germany Thyssen - Krupp marine systems company, the Russian Defense export company design Beureau and the Swedish Kockums company 4 shipyard of India navy "75" submarine project preliminary information request. Japan's MITSUBISHI heavy industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Association and the Spanish shipyard in navan Lydia before the deadline to submit to.

India's "75 project" since November 2007 was designated as "acceptable demand", has more than 10 years of wasted time. According to the "75 project", the India Navy wanted to buy 6 new aircraft diesel electric submarines, they will have to attack cruise missile and AIP propulsion device on the land, to get a longer endurance under water, and can integrate the subsequent development of native weapons and sensors.

, Russia, Germany and France had a India submarine construction experience, and the "India times" for the first time in 2015 reported that Japan at the end of a self imposed ban on arms exports, and also become the black dragon class submarine Project No. 75 competitors. However, Japan lacks the experience of selling military products in the global arms market, and seems to wish to reach a direct intergovernmental agreement on the project with India.

has left 4 submarines including France's "Scorpene submarines, Sweden A26 submarine, Russia's Amur submarine and the German type 214 submarine. It is expected that the 4 national shipyards will compete fiercely. According to their response to the information requests made by India, the India Navy will now formulate technical parameters for the type of submarine needed. Subsequently. The Indian Navy will issue a final bid or proposal, requiring the 4 companies to engage in technical and commercial bids. According to the new strategic cooperation policy of the Ministry of national defense of the India, the India shipyard will be selected by the parallel process.

's India Times reported that it would take 2 years to select the original equipment manufacturer and the India shipyard. After signing the agreement, it will take 7 to 8 years to produce the first submarine.

, the India Times reported that, according to the approved plan, the Navy needs to equip 18 diesel powered submarines, 6 nuclear powered attack submarines and 4 nuclear powered submarines with long-range nuclear missiles.

however, in addition to the 2 nuclear powered submarine ins Arihant, and chakra, outside India, only 13 Old Navy submarine, and at any time only half of available, because at least 10 submarines have been more than 25 years service life. Another local nuclear powered submarine, Ali Dammam, will be delivered in the next few months. According to the "75 project" is the Mazagon dock company construction cost 236 billion 520 million rupees 6 French Scorpene submarines, the first of which was recently delivered to the Navy, but has not yet officially put into use. The other 5 ships will be delivered progressively from 2020 to 2021.

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