McDonald's renamed the golden arch overnight explosion red, other brands have said pressure mountain!

McDonald's ZA

tengxunzhengquan· 2017-10-30 09:14:56

McDonald (China) Co., Ltd. changed its name to golden arches (China) Co., Ltd. after the news exposure, quickly boarded the headlines of major media. Although McDonald's in social media repeatedly explained: "McDonald's official has issued a document: McDonald's name only certificate level, restaurant does not name, while we still can look for" McDonald's "".

" but that exudes a breath and then the "nouveau riche" air "of the new call, the first time on the Internet that raged, a spoof of the netizens love hi, and the hand piece and busybodies never miss this opportunity.

names have changed the

menu, also with the alloy Arch Hotel's temperament ah!

" Kentucky this can be said to be the beneficiary of the

though, your uncle is not the uncle

but your uncle is always your uncle!

" was renamed McDonald's golden arches, foreign well-known food brands have lying guns, with a thick folk style name......

pizza hut was renamed: Little Red

Starbucks renamed: White Snake

" was renamed Audi: more than just a five ring

" was renamed Bentley: let B fly again for a while "img_box"

" Hand-Pulled Noodle renamed: Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen boy

Jingdong, called flash dog mall?

" Pepsi was renamed

[Nike renamed: red Duigou

clover Black Lotus: renamed "img_box"

HUAWEI renamed: Chrysanthemum technology

Sina micro-blog renamed: Duyan micro-blog

, alas, this year, there's no ground gas, and the vulgar names are embarrassed to come out.

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