The female owner was arrested after ticketed abusive police in the circle of friends

Circle of friends ticket car owner threatening letter

cangnanjiaojing· 2016-05-12 22:36:42

recently, Cangnan, a female owner due to dissatisfaction with the traffic police on the illegal parking of their treatment, in a circle of friends made information abusive traffic police, the public security organs sentenced to administrative detention.

2016 in May 4, 8 am, illegal land a (female, 45 years old, Lingxi) because of Cangnan Police Brigade Lingxi squadron law enforcement behavior dissatisfaction, through its mobile dating software released information traffic police comrades attached to ticket to polish your dog eyes, next to the parking spaces are purposely occupying, why do you regardless of the tube, there is no photos of a little merit heart "and fines content insulting police, the information browses a quantity has reached more than 70 times.

, one of the following acts, the following 5 days in detention or 500 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, the following day at 5 above 10 days in detention, and impose a fine of $500 can be the following:

(a) or write the letters. Threaten the personal safety of others by other means;

(two) affront others or fabricating facts to slander others;

(three) fabricated false accusation against others, trying to make others subject to criminal punishment or penalty for administration of public security;

(four) of witnesses and their close Relatives of the threat, insult, assault or retaliation. < p > (5) repeatedly sending obscene, insulting, threatening or other information, the interference of others to live a normal life. < (6) peeping, candid, wire tapping, spread to the privacy of others. < p > Lumou behavior constituted an affront to the others, according to the law of the people's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law the article 42 (the second) the provisions of, Cangnan County Public Security Bureau shall be given land an administrative detention on the 2nd of the punishment.

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