Zheng Shuang's acting is so bad. Why isn't Zhang Ziyi angry?

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tengxunyule· 2017-10-31 01:02:51

Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (text / had to

) "the actor's birth" is the Tencent of video broadcast, also invited Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye and Song Dandan in particular when the tutor, the first phase of the first stage performances by big flow featuring Zheng Shuang, Jialun and Zheng Shuang as director Zhang Yimou, starring Zhang Ziyi reproduced "my father and mother" fragments, honestly, a little embarrassed. Later, the micro-blog spread this video, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye because Zheng Shuang and Ren Jialun improvisational performance, there was a strong dispute. During this period of improvisation, Ren Jialun plays a slag male, Zheng Shuang as his girlfriend, Zheng Shuang and gorgeous laugh. Zhang Ziyi Zheng Shuang did not consider the most basic performers "faith", Liu Ye believes that Zhang Ziyi Zheng Shuang is too harsh, deliberately prick, Liu Ye huff shoes in protest.

" I thought they were really angry at the beginning, but soon a reversal, so they also come to a period of improvisation, as Liu Ye said, this is the "class" angry performance. Compared to the previous Zheng Shuang improvisation, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Yecai are really performing, especially Zhang Ziyi, both eyes, tone or body language, to convey her angry, this show is "deceptive". The interesting thing is here: why isn't Zhang Ziyi really angry when faced with Zheng Shuang's unsuccessful performance?

what is a real performance? Zhang Ziyi on the performance of the second segments said well: "the actor should be in awe of the occupation, because they unreservedly dedicate all their emotions, body and mind to give yourself a no role. I've played a lot of tragic characters myself, and I know that when you get into that role, you're very painful and difficult to get out of. In other words, the real show, "" should be Farewell to My Concubine said, "obsessed", or "black swan" is shown, too deep into the drama. Performance appears to be very simple, as long as there is a good body can be an actor, but in fact, performance is a very high professional work, it is the requirement for actors is very high, when you select a character, you must believe, then whole-heartedly, and the role of convincing message to the audience.

" to this, Zheng Shuang brought a period of overall performance is a failure - although Zheng Shuang's many fans, Zheng Shuang is also very love, but the performance point of view, she is not qualified. In addition to laugh, it is clear that even the little girl role very fit Zheng Shuang's age and status, but the problem is always Zheng Shuang performing small action in particular, many times this is not the role of the show, but she really didn't know how to deal with emotions, because a small action.

for this unsuccessful performance, with Zhang Ziyi's position and strength, she is fully qualified to be angry, not to mention that she is now the mentor role, she should be angry. Anger is not necessarily a dramatic anger, but rather a criticism of the performance as much as a teacher. But the three tutors of Zheng Shuang was very tolerant, of course, Zheng Shuang is very introverted girl, mentors may hesitate to criticize, but there may still be a writer friend said, "now the actor does not have such a bad play on the spot was down in the bench test".

because now the entertainment circle is too "and" people, popular, everyone should be tolerant, kind, sincere, I wish for world peace, there are views from the improper surface, small actions are done in secret. On the other hand, now the market is to flow down, but the flowers in the Zheng Shuang flow play, dare to say a word she is not, you and her fans for the thousands on thousands of the enemy and the enemy, thousands on thousands of consumers, every minute you don't drown slobber said, the next time you have a new product from fans of collective action you go back to black. Even so, many small fresh small artistes acting really bad, but few rival actors dare to name criticism is more love, not hurt, perhaps by Thanksgiving traffic star fans, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

as a result, the performance in lower threshold, we become more and more difficult in the screen and the screen before, to see the real beauty of the performance, it is the kind of harmony, Hello everyone I am "show" more. Zhang Ziyi and other people's tolerance to Zheng Shuang is not a kind of "performance"? By contrast, Liu Yun and Huang Lu tore up the performance, and I thought it was good. Liu Yun after the performance, directly in the table and cried Huang Lu in the show when play, "I think of the days of rehearsals are white row, every rehearsal is not the same as" a word did not say, skip to the next section can play, I am confused, "after Yu Zheng and Lan Qin also in the micro-blog Liu Yun sound, Huang Lu directed" effort". We do not say, but whether it is Huang Lu or Liu Yun "intentional" childish cry in the stage, at least we see, they pay more attention to the performance, as well as a tear "genuine goods at a fair price". It's hard to be true without this kind of love (though not brilliant or even flawed)

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