China's 78 billion yuan project will lay the foundation for diverting water from Tibet to Xinjiang

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[observer network Roundup] Hongkong South China Morning Post reported on October 30th that Chinese engineers are testing a technology for the 1000 kilometer water diversion tunnel project. If technically feasible, diverting water from Tibet into Xinjiang could become a reality.

reported that the project is started in August this year, Yunnan central water diversion project, the project water main canal line more than 600 kilometers, will take 96 months, the dynamic total investment of 78 billion yuan.

quoted the geologists view that if the "world water tower" in some form is connected with Xinjiang, can "make Xinjiang become China California", has become a leader in China economic development. It is dozens of years ago in the California north south water project, the transformation is one of the world's largest food producer, boost the development of American west.

"South China Morning Post" reported the China screenshots of

's longest water diversion tunnel in Liaoning province Dahuofang water conveyance project, 85 kilometers long, has 8 years of operation. The longest water supply tunnel in the world is 137 kilometers long in New York, USA.

in August this year, the government began to Chinese in Yunnan province to build water diversion project in Central Yunnan, which channel is more than 600 kilometers (663.9 kilometers, the observer network note) tunnel wide enough to accommodate two high-speed train (8.4-9.4 meters in diameter), in the engineering geological instability zone through a large number of kilometers high mountain.

according to the Yunnan net news, the central Yunnan water diversion project consists of two parts of water source project and water conveyance project. It was first proposed by Mr. Zhang Chong in 50s of last century. The total construction period of the project is 96 months. According to the price estimate of the second quarter of 2016, the total dynamic investment of the project is 78 billion 48 million yuan.

Central Yunnan region is the core area of economic and social development in Yunnan, and also one of the three arid areas in the Yangtze River Basin, and the coexistence of water shortage and engineering water shortage. Yunnan area located in the Yangtze River, Pearl River, Lancang River and Red River Basin four watershed areas, less precipitation, annual average runoff accounted for only 12% of the amount of water resources in the province, the country is well-known in arid area. Water shortage has become a bottleneck restricting the economic and social development of the region and even Yunnan. The diversion project in Central Yunnan is a large inter basin water transfer project to solve the severe water shortage in Central Yunnan province.

the South China Morning Post quoted the researchers view that the water diversion project in Yunnan will become a testing ground for new technology, in this project, mature technology and equipments will be applied to the water diversion project in the southern Tibet Brahmaputra into Xinjiang Tucker of Taklamakan desert. Schematic diagram of water diversion project

" Yunnan (Kunming harbor plan)

Qinghai Tibet Plateau towering obstacles from India Ocean warm air into Xinjiang, the Gobi and Taklimakan desert area of 90% for human habitation.

but the Taklimakan desert is actually close to the Asian water tower, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with more than 400 billion cubic meters of fresh water injected into the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Mekong River and Ganges RIver every year.

Tibet water into Xinjiang from the earliest conception of Lin Zexu and Zuo Zongtang, the new China government has started to develop large-scale, including a large number of dams, canals and pumping station project, but the required amount of construction, the amount of money and may be brought to environment impact, it is a great challenge. But Zhang Chuanqing, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of rock and soil mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that China is moving towards the target step by step, with a low profile and a solid pace.

Zhang Chuanqing has played an important role in many water diversion tunnel projects in china. "Water diversion project in Yunnan Yunnan is a pilot project," he said, "this will prove that we have the technology, has the ability and construction of long tunnel in complex geological equipment dangerous area, and our resources are sustainable. "

diversion project in Central Yunnan is carried out in the second highest province of China, and it is also an earthquake prone zone. If the project goes well, it will make the decision makers more confident of the West Route Water Diversion project.

"fault zone is the most troublesome problem," Zhang Chuanqing said. "If we can find a good solution, we can eliminate the most important obstacles. "

engineering designers get inspiration from the subway train, the different compartments are connected by movable hinge method can also be applied to the diversion tunnel, Zhang Chuanqing said, high strength and elastic waterproof material will connect different sections, it can successfully through the fault zone.

data figure: Brahmaputra (SCMP plan)

arrow respectively in the Taklimakan Desert and the Brahmaputra

it is reported that in March this year, the National People's Congress, academician, Chinese Academy of engineering, China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. deputy chief engineer Wang Mengshu has been to the twelve session of the five meeting of the National People's Congress submitted "on the in-depth development of the West Route Water Diversion Project Demonstration and implementation of the first phase of the project proposals as soon as possible".

's recommendations are provided by the national key laboratory research team of hydraulics and mountain river development and protection, Sichuan University.

Wang Mengshu introduction, the first phase of the project can be transferred from the Yarlung Zangbo River (YL) mainstream water 10 billion ~150 million M3 to Xinjiang

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