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tengxunkeji· 2017-10-31 07:21:40

[mobile china news] in recent years, with the rise of double 11 shopping boom, Tmall double 11 carnival night has become a shopping, entertainment and other people as one of the carnival. However, recent news shows that this year's Tmall double 11 party is invited more than half of the entertainment circle. It seems that Tmall really has the confidence to make "double 11" a national celebration of the festival".

Tmall double 11 carnival night

10 30, Tmall global double 11 carnival night announced the first batch of star list, in addition to the previous exposure in the poster in the activities of Wu Yifan, guess Li Yuchun, Wang Jiaer, et al., including Zhang Ziyi, Karen Mok, Lang Lang, Liu Tao, Zheng Kai, Lin update, Zhang Jie, Guan Xiaotong and other stars, and Dima also appeared in the Tmall double 11 evening star list. In addition, Mickey Huang, Patty Hou, China, Zhang Xingyue, Yue Yue will be composed of two sides of the three variety star hosted play group, and a "out of the ordinary" mysterious host hi blasting the

double 11 carnival night often planned audience, Ali fish General Manager Hong said: "in order to real-time interactive technology for leading global the core content for the international aspect, the seamless connection of entertainment and consumption characteristics of Tmall global double 11 carnival night, has become the most influential Chinese original super IP. "It is the great potential of super IP, attracting vivo to become the exclusive title of" double 11 global carnival night "in 2017.

" in addition, according to the lifting of the domestic star, Grammy best pop singer Farrell. Williams became the first International Coffee Party confirmation. At the same time, there is news that this year, Tmall will also include Hollywood stars, sports stars, etc., to participate in the carnival, will double 11 this IP to the international city of

said: "this should be a macro double 11 carnival is the world's most influential business name card; we want to double 11 carnival night. A Chinese's window on the world to become a classic; help culture around the world into view China general audience platform, will eventually double 11 party playing a" China manufacturing "of the world's most influential entertainment cultural name card. "

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