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said that at present, military power, the first thought is America, however, in the U.S. with the first powerful aircraft carrier fleet in Europe at the same time, some military science and technology level is quite strong, at present, the European countries in the new generation of ships, although with different requirements, but in the choice of equipment as far as possible, will choose the same models. Like the long range search radar used in Europe, the SMART-L radar is widely used.

SMART-L radar, is an active phased array remote warning radar developed by Holland Thales Co. The radar is suitable for large and medium-sized ships, but not for small ships, because the radar is too large in size and quality, because its radar antenna is big and heavy, 8 meters long, weighs 6200 kilograms. The radar antenna has 24 antenna arrays, and 16 of them are involved when they are launched, and the 24 are received together when they are received. Among them, 16 are used to transmit radar waves, the maximum peak power is 145KW, and the radar rotates 12 circles per minute.

SMART-L radar at work, can be in the range of 400 kilometers, the 1000 air target detection and tracking at the same time, even if the radar reflector stealth anti-ship missile is smaller, better, can not escape the radar "fayan" in 90. Km distance can be found, and for sea target, can also track and position the 100. As the latest model of SMART-L radar, makes some adjustments and improvements on the basis of the original, also have the detection capability of ballistic missile, allegedly, the new type of ballistic missile can be found within a range of 2000 kilometers, may become a part of the sea based anti missile system.

" and it is precisely because there are many excellent SMART-L radar, these excellent technical performance, also highlighted in the technical field of the high level in Europe and, it is one of the world's only technology. Only SMART-L radar technology, even the United States and Russia, have not reached, as it should be, the radar by the navies of all ages, has a very high market share in the international market, exported to many countries in Europe and Asia, especially in Europe, as the "local" advantage, SMART-L radar is almost large European countries ship standard.

and SMART-L radar is the European standard, in recent years, Sino US even in the field of big development, but there is no research with SMART-L radar similar models, therefore, there are claims, like this small country on the European SMART-L radar fix the technology, but not to us. In fact, the words do not say that, sometimes, or have to look at the actual situation to make final conclusions. At present, China is still in use the old battleship active radar, such as 517A type Chinese type 052D, while the U.S. is the use of more old products - AN/SPS-49 radar, these models and Europe than in performance is of great difference. Some people will say, since it is not, why China and the United States do not catch up in this field? According to the current military technical level of China and the United States, this is not a big problem? In fact, there is no similar model between China and the United States, not to develop, but not to develop.

, in the final analysis, or the demand caused by different. Now look at us frigate, installed a large phased array radar, this radar has excellent performance, but also has too much power and other issues, therefore, under normal circumstances, will not be open to use, then you need to use another long-range surveillance radar for duty task. To be used for duty purposes, the requirements will be slightly lower, as long as mature enough, almost the same. So, China chose the VHF radar vintage, play a role in the supplementary duty.

, then why not develop a radar and take all the work into consideration? In fact, China wants to solve all tasks with a radar, but it is not so easy to do, before this, attempts had failed, because the positioning accuracy and the radar detection distance is the opposite relationship, which leads to the two air defense and early warning to do both. At present, there is a better solution, namely dual band radar, the scheme Chinese earlier in the United States, but the United States also have the same idea, just like water in the Chinese type of 055 drive, on the use of dual band radar. So, since there is such a new technology, it naturally does not have to contend with Europe that advantage.

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